Detailed information about +13603470000 or 3603470000 phone number in Bellingham Washington US

3603470000 or +13603470000


Doug commented 2018-02-22
I got as text from this number. It goes as follows: Hey Steve, this is Martin. I noticed you logged into our real estate website, just wanted to see if you had any questions about any properties? I guess 1st warning is the four zeroes at the end. Yes. there are legitimate businesses whose phone numbers end with that sequence. I know because, even though I forgot the name, there was a number I used to call of some business... Maybe auto parts or something. I do not know & it does not matter as I just wanted to make a point. However, when someone sends you tex out of the blue with no identifying info other than a 1st name, no company name, etc, flags go up. I had something like this a few yrs back & i replied how did they get my nbr or something & never got a reply. I also do not answer unidentified numbers. Unfortunately in this day and age scammers are increasing. I loathe these lowlifes with a passion (Maybe because of how they scammed my mom right after dad died), cowards who cannot make it in the real world so they stoop to a life of crime because if they could not be happy then they were going to make doggone sure others are miserable as well. Maybe they were bullied so instead of using their talents for good they chose evil instead for revenge. Maybe they were a mama boy. Who knows. What I do know is if they put half as much effort into doing good as they do into doing evil, they woud be farther ahead, in many ways. Sure, possibly not as well monetarily, altho not necessarily. But if they truly set their hearts towards good, & see what they can do for others, to see the joy on the faces of others who cannot repay you is a joy so priceless it defies description. However, there will always be those whose hearts are continually set towards evil and of whom it is said: "do not pray for these." I guess I should pray for all while there is hope for them. Sorry if I get carried away. It is the ADHD gone wild off meds! Ciao!

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