Detailed information about +12312210410 or 2312210410 phone number in Grant Michigan US

2312210410 or +12312210410


Bree M. commented 2018-07-18
Keep getting texts from this number and others saying, "Hi, [ first name], your application for [my address] has been approved. Then gives me a link to miscellaneous jumbled letters and numbers that is not a working link ( I Google the link on a separate device. Do NOT RESPOND NOR CLICK these LINKS or texts. They are scams or possibly even spyware! Clicking the link allows hackers to install spyware on your phones/devices. You may not even know they're there! -the only way to tell is if your phone acts oddly, ie static in phone calls, drained batteries, apps force closing/shutting down, buggy, slow speed, -it's not likely your connection when you are getting texts from these different out of state numbers w/all your info in the text that u didn't give out !!!--trying to get u to click these "broken" links they send you. When I called the number from a land line it was a nonworking number! -to get this bs to stop u need to do a manufacture reset on your phone & unsubsubscribe to cloud services.

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