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6467595589 or +16467595589

Karen commented 2017-04-04
I keep getting these calls saying I REQUESTED a call back about a TV adverrised back brace that MAY be covered by insurance or medicare. I never solicited any call back, would get a brace from the doc, and their ooriin to be removed from the call list is phoney. I would not trust this company.


4236552708 or +14236552708

April commented 2017-04-04
Who is th is


2133285380 or +12133285380

Karupiah commented 2017-04-04
I wanna know the owner of this number


5132058810 or +15132058810

dannie williams commented 2017-04-04
who called me?


3168440831 or +13168440831

Kim commented 2017-04-04
Who's number is thus?


9177253719 or +19177253719

Bill commented 2017-04-04
who is that


5134633208 or +15134633208

george Yancich commented 2017-04-04
this number has popped up on my telephone the past 3 days and they don't leave a message. Seems like they would get the message and stop calling. I don't return calls unless a message is left.


4842078401 or +14842078401

mike commented 2017-04-04
Who is that


5188411222 or +15188411222

Arjun commented 2017-04-04
Plz call me back


7863436209 or +17863436209

james commented 2017-04-04
would love to see you in south beach


5184181385 or +15184181385

Well wisher commented 2017-04-04
Hello albany... I am niks from India want to talk something business.


9283492584 or +19283492584

Mrs Marie CHICON commented 2017-04-04
Dear Mrs The bank has just contacted me and made me understand that it continues to verify the information but since nothing good, it would be possible that the transfer was not activated. For it want brings in you with your bank with the receipt of send and to ask him to make you the activation of funds. Once sends him activated, I began you to be held informed. As agreed, your file is already in possession of the bank which already had to éffecter you the transfer of $7500 but considering this malattendu, she should wait 24 hours more. I left you a message on your telephone. Thank you for the understanding Mrs CHICON


8473445610 or +18473445610

jp commented 2017-04-04
im from the philippines


8473445610 or +18473445610

jp commented 2017-04-04
hello, you called me last march 25. but i didn't get it, so im just wondering who it is. So my i know who you are? you called me at this number 0919-942-9229, thanks and hope to hear from you soon


9284091493 or +19284091493

Neelam Ahuja commented 2017-04-04
Which hotel is this ?


6235652239 or +16235652239

Evan commented 2017-04-04
I Want to know his birth date


5308077023 or +15308077023

Kelly commented 2017-04-04
This number belongs to Kelly Baxley.


3133998519 or +13133998519

Sandy Hines commented 2017-04-04
I hope this works


2017191498 or +12017191498

Joe commented 2017-04-04
This number is associated with a craigslist property fraud scheme


7078337029 or +17078337029

Johan Strydom commented 2017-04-04
Hi im from South Africa you phoned me about a Job i want, i missed the call 0636865045 Johan Strydom