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9414300944 or +19414300944

Susan commented 2018-10-31
This company keeps calling me and I believe they are spoofing phone numbers. Every time they call it's always 941-430 but different last 4 digits. Then they started to call from 941-431 and last 4 digits are different. Very annoying.


4787122811 or +14787122811

Mad Person Called commented 2018-10-31
They called over 2 minutes harrassment!!! Need arrested!!!


7191487662 or +17191487662

Rydberg commented 2018-10-31
Silent call


8145890009 or +18145890009

Unknown commented 2018-11-01
Called me and when I called back, she started yelling angrily (with a very country accent) asking me if I was calling to ask for food. I'm from Canada, I don't even get know how she got my number.


6232446516 or +16232446516

Name commented 2018-10-31
Political text message spam


4253063827 or +14253063827

Neil commented 2018-11-01
Sent me odd text message. Not in my contacts, so I asked who it is. That's when it got really strange


2313673737 or +12313673737

Gorg commented 2018-10-31
Spam medical call to get your money. Phone number generated by computer. Easy not to trace. I have blocked them but within minutes, they generate a new phone number. Turn them into the fcc if you find out the company name.


8005920381 or +18005920381

jim commented 2018-10-31
no message keeps calling daily im on the do not call list but keep getting calls


2256766702 or +12256766702

Jon Din commented 2018-10-31
Called my number several times. Never leaves a message. Possible telemarketer.


7634019620 or +17634019620

me commented 2018-10-31
This area code does not belong to Plymouth Massachusetts. It may be in part of Plymouth Minnesota. This is a Twin Cities metro area number in MInnesota.


5078819362 or +15078819362

Bozz commented 2018-10-31
Seems like a scammer phone number. Wants to talk on whatsapp here


2120837419 or +12120837419

Hum commented 2018-10-31
Called and stood cold without talking.


8457315254 or +18457315254

Jo commented 2018-10-31
It's okay


2122361864 or +12122361864

Martin Gardberg commented 2018-10-31
The number +12122361864 belongs to MERRILL, LYNCH in New York.


8888002432 or +18888002432

E A Cavanagh commented 2018-10-31


9495148693 or +19495148693

Claire commented 2018-10-31
The owner of this phone number is Naa Jenny


9493420000 or +19493420000

Dilip commented 2018-10-31
The owner of this phone number is Nami Pictures


9493428280 or +19493428280

Barbara commented 2018-10-31
This person is always asking for money


9495148693 or +19495148693

Barbara commented 2018-10-31
This caller has a name attached Xavier Morris I want to know if this is a scam


9493420000 or +19493420000

Barbara commented 2018-10-31
This number has called my number several times. No message