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8128899999 or +18128899999

Huguis commented 2018-10-24
AVISO DE PRIVACIDAD! Eres ganador de UN BONO EN EFECTIVO Y UN REGALO folio:0342672 MAS INF:8128899999 . Este mensaje llegó a mi número. Será extorsión?


7707396254 or +17707396254

doug commented 2018-10-25
Just curious


2672197073 or +12672197073

Rachael Jackson commented 2018-10-25
They are pretending to be Keanu Reeves, asking for money to help them out, for those charity and personal use. They are using his fans to fraud them out of money so they can get closer to the actor which is all a lie!


7378480955 or +17378480955

scott commented 2018-10-24
people called me from this number no one answers spoof


2539993139 or +12539993139

shell commented 2018-10-24
called me but when i tried to call back wouldn’t let me


7695507907 or +17695507907

Tex commented 2018-10-24
Keeps calling my cell phone. Called the number back and it doesn't exist. it comes up from Mississippi, but a search fro area code says Florida.


9854307239 or +19854307239

mack commented 2018-10-24
called my cell 3 times leaves no message.


4707842039 or +14707842039

Pink in Georgia commented 2018-10-24
Spammer. Robocall repeatedly calls.


8336319920 or +18336319920

Andy commented 2018-10-24
Calls............ leaves no message. Suspected scam.


4582093998 or +14582093998

Grace commented 2018-10-24
He is a spam!!!


6154150580 or +16154150580

Nope commented 2018-10-24
These idiotic morons have called my PRIVATE CELL PHONE NUMBER four times in the past two days with their automated robocalls and I am SICK TO DEATH OF IT.


7376696907 or +17376696907

Medical Scammers commented 2018-10-24
Robocall Scammers - "National Chronic Pain"


2695791884 or +12695791884

Nice Guy commented 2018-10-24
Got telemarketer call for Car Insurance


2708444886 or +12708444886

Health insurance commented 2018-10-24
this number is calling my phone every day wasting my free government minutes talking about health care I have asked him numerous amount of times not to call


9314446644 or +19314446644

David commented 2018-10-24
Randomly was called by this number. Nobody responded


8884540073 or +18884540073

Syl Degado commented 2018-10-24
This number keeps calling me saying to call them back they are from the Microsoft tech department and they are issuing refunds but I don't buy it and they keep calling so I'm just curious if anyone else has had this number call their cell.


9402061109 or +19402061109

Bluesbrother commented 2018-10-24
Hang up. Did not say anything!


7625413009 or +17625413009

Spartygirl commented 2018-10-24
This is a fake number that is obviously masking a telemarketer.


3691344983 or +13691344983

Hicks commented 2018-10-24
Mention IRS and funds. I said I was hard of hearing and they were difficult to understand and they immediately hungup


8443945825 or +18443945825

John commented 2018-10-24
Claims to be a court house calling about a law suit