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8471453951 or +18471453951

waldo commented 2018-10-23
telemarketer.. hung up when answering machine came on...


8888306061 or +18888306061

Daniela commented 2018-10-23
Me hablaron de este numero un oficial que se llama Maria Sanches con placa 45201


4134223945 or +14134223945

cmopro commented 2018-10-23
offering me money to sell my car and i dont have a car for sale picking of numbers from craigslist .just scammers looking to steal a fast buck. let me hold a dollar duh huh , [ 1-413-422-3945 ]


9598209536 or +19598209536

UOH commented 2018-10-23


6695645337 or +16695645337

Mark Adam commented 2018-10-23
This number calls and says I asked for information for a brace ? I assume this is for medical reasons. I never asked for this info. And if you call the number it gives a quick busy signal then hangs up on you. So frustrating , I want to be taken off their call back list.


7273037799 or +17273037799

Jb commented 2018-10-23
Robo number


2253519511 or +12253519511

Karen commented 2018-10-23
This number calls saying your social security is wrong and you’ll be in trouble if you don’t answer their questions. I called my local social security office and this is a scam


8014289530 or +18014289530

Alicia S. commented 2018-10-23
They called me telling me that I could get a vacation and a cruise for $899.00. They wanted my "major" credit card number. They said it could only be a major credit card because then there would be a paper trail. When I didn't give it to them they went down on the price two times and then offered me to just give them a down payment. They told me that they were able to give me such a good price because I would attend an amenity tour on the second day of my vacation. They gave me a web sight called to go to but it was very limited. When I wouldn't give them my credit card number they got someone else who spoke very good English when I still refused he hung up on me.


3055932604 or +13055932604

Annie commented 2018-10-23
Calls my childs phone and doesn't speak when the phone is answered.


8448567480 or +18448567480

Anonymous commented 2018-10-23
Received the same exact message as above, referencing Jackie Sanders. Pretty sure this is a scam!


3011484230 or +13011484230

x commented 2018-10-23


2158743120 or +12158743120

Nikki commented 2018-10-23
Scam message: "Someone taken yours photos from WhatsApp and now they is here.... link"


3159870734 or +13159870734

Monjur commented 2018-10-23
Someone is threatening my wife on IMO App using this number.


9152084463 or +19152084463

J hickcox commented 2018-10-23
Received a call to stop legal proceedings????


8142500344 or +18142500344

Edward commented 2018-10-23
This call came through to my phone and message indicated it was the Government, that they have been trying to contact me for 6 months at my phone number and unable to reach me. We never ever take calls that are unidentifiable so if this is true why didnt they use the title of US Government? instead of being blank. So yes we ignored it due to it being telemarketer reason.


9406792438 or +19406792438

ASP commented 2018-10-23
Called my cell phone but left no message. I’m so tired of these scammer calls.


9782343659 or +19782343659

Anon commented 2018-10-23
Called from a location service allegedly in southern California. I denied all requests made by the caller, citing privacy concerns.


4024535379 or +14024535379

Thomas Ehler commented 2018-10-23
Called saying that pre-approval for student loan reduction offer would expire in 72 hours unless I press 2 to speak to a representative. Scam, since I haven't had student loans in years.


2538750563 or +12538750563

Stanley commented 2018-10-23
Called, left no message. I dont answer unidentified callers


8777104100 or +18777104100

Dan Ives commented 2018-10-23
Tech Support Scammers pretending to be from Microsoft to get permission to remote connect to your pc to fix a virus or hacker infection due to a Java scripted Popup from Star Wars Resistance watch online site!