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9597357447 or +19597357447

jsf commented 2018-10-20
Someone was claiming my computer needed serious upgrade on security. Screamed at me when I would not talk to him and told him it was a business phone and computer


8556203756 or +18556203756

stan commented 2018-10-21
I must call them or my computer will be inoperable.


4584997156 or +14584997156

Joe commented 2018-10-20
Unsafe Caller. Tried to call, but I didn't answer. Tried calling the message that said "number you have dialed is not a valid number" or something to that matter.


8444347333 or +18444347333

Gary K commented 2018-10-20
Pre-recorded electronic voice said my license for Microsoft Windows was expired and I should call this number.


6519331128 or +16519331128

leaf raker commented 2018-10-20
seems to be a fishing call


4192819513 or +14192819513

smile today commented 2018-10-20
yes, smile today !!!


4196853424 or +14196853424

Bill Grange commented 2018-10-20
dog phone


3253095431 or +13253095431

x commented 2018-10-20
Socialist / Democrats trying to get people to early vote, they will even check all the boxes for you...


4782857502 or +14782857502

Satan Claus commented 2018-10-20
Some users have signed this phone number as "Cole Butler Fb".


4782857502 or +14782857502

lfk commented 2018-10-20
this no is a scammer..


8185401919 or +18185401919

Annette commented 2018-10-20
A scam with false phone number from California and an address in Iowa. My son was scammed through ebay and paypal using this email address: and name Michael Lohmer.


8659369121 or +18659369121

ayvaz commented 2018-10-20
Whose this number. Any body called me 3 time. Please help me.


3479959167 or +13479959167

Satan Claus commented 2018-10-20
Indeed, some users have signed this phone number as "Jose De Jesuss".


9254875802 or +19254875802

Satan Claus commented 2018-10-20
Some users have signed this phone number as "Happy lion (اسد سعيد)".


7817207658 or +17817207658

Joyce commented 2018-10-20
He uses his grandson's picture and name Jefferson to scam as well


2392496704 or +12392496704

Kat commented 2018-10-20
I missed the call from this number. May i know who ows it


3025868587 or +13025868587

Mike M. commented 2018-10-19
The number 302-586-8587 showed up on my caller ID as 'INVALID NUMBER" I answered and after 5 seconds someone picked up the phone on their end. Right when he started to speak, I said "my caller ID shows this as an invalid number. If my caller ID doesn't display who is calling, I don't want to talk to you!" and hung up. I'm really starting to get irritated. I keep getting calls from 'invalid number', 'anonymous' 'unavailable' and others that don't identify the caller or their company.


2092997219 or +12092997219

So tired of scammers commented 2018-10-19
This scammer sent me an unwanted text message asking me to support MoveOn Political agenda. I don't appreciate get unwanted phone call or text message on my cellphone or landline telephone. I am on the do not call list that includes unwanted text messages. I reported this scammer to the appropriate authorities.


2182309485 or +12182309485

Maranda commented 2018-10-20
Spam caller. Supposedly calling regarding my "credit card account". It was an automated bot on the line. Hung up right away.


5130145739 or +15130145739

Scott commented 2018-10-19
Random call and no message left.