Forum to exchange information about phone numbers in the US


8126384496 or +18126384496

Darlene commented 2018-10-16
Unknown hangups. There have been 26 searches for it today alone, listed aas scam


5748750664 or +15748750664

Oreo commented 2018-10-15
Spam number


2134235185 or +12134235185

Mark commented 2018-10-16
Cfoalliance verification- Hi Mark Xxxxxxx Your urgent Application Approval on 121 Oak Street- Attachment down Load


5755202449 or +15755202449

Mike commented 2018-10-16
No message left, unknown caller with only number, no name...


9282406249 or +19282406249

Donna commented 2018-10-15
another call from an unknown number with familiar area code and exchange. Therefore I did not pick up. No message left so I assume it's spam.


6093422016 or +16093422016

Aggravated commented 2018-10-16
Scammer. Left a recorded message on our phone threatening an arrest warrant. I called back, it was a foreigner at a call center, that was dumb as mud. Just block the number if they call.


2314083169 or +12314083169

Canafax16 commented 2018-10-15
Idk who it is but so far I have 5 missed calls from them just today... Not sure how many in total...


8552790991 or +18552790991

Karen commented 2018-10-15
This recording told me that they were going to automatically take $149.99 from my bank account for computer maintenance. I was asked to call the number back to stop the withdrawal. I have never signed on to anything for computer maintenance so I opted to not call back. I'll check my account in 2 days to see if they took money but I have no idea how they would have gotten my bank acct details and/or my permission. Checking to see if anyone else is getting this....


8778018647 or +18778018647

Ruby Mckenzie commented 2018-10-15
The number is registered in Bel-aire, California near Beverly Hills. It belongs to a Eva Garcia who owns She was co-owner of a Porsche distribution company called Wheel Dynamics but after the other owner Eli passed away his wife inherited the company and things went sour. Eva sells Porsche vehicles and porsche accessories including wheels.


5853496725 or +15853496725

MARIE commented 2018-10-15
I received a call from this number heard nothing and it simply said goodbye in an automated voice. My guess is fraud or spam, possibly could be someone fishing for personal information so I would not answer and block immediately if you can.


4157258163 or +14157258163

Lyubov Kozyr commented 2018-10-15
call me all time and boder me


3861290486 or +13861290486

Lisa commented 2018-10-15
Computer generated voice recording said that they have been trying to get a hold of me for 6 months and because I haven't responded, the U.S. government is filing a lawsuit against me for fraud.


7190571110 or +17190571110

nope commented 2018-10-15
Got a phone call from a heavily accented female claiming to be with Microsoft Windows, calling in regards to my computer...Ok? Umm I don't own a computer...silence...then hung up on! Lovely conversation


3185785359 or +13185785359

Marrha commented 2018-10-15
Who does this number belong to


9157990234 or +19157990234

Bernard Shrewsbury commented 2018-10-15
They claim to be a sheriff in Texas with a very heavy foreign accent, stating that my "social security has been identified for suspicious activity and you will be arrested"


9546077453 or +19546077453

Hector commented 2018-10-15
FPL scam number. Very professional. Sounds just like FPL


4356808236 or +14356808236

TS commented 2018-10-15


9895245203 or +19895245203

us citizen commented 2018-10-15
number 989-524-5203 called but never left message or answered a return call. my opinion its a scam.


8602490662 or +18602490662

Southern Comfort commented 2018-10-15
Hang up


9149997446 or +19149997446

Maria Jackson commented 2018-10-15
I got told to message this person, as they were Keanu Reeves manager. A keanu reeves account on Instagram is asking for fans to help him out deliver his motorbikes, pay hotel bills and to help deliver scripts. All my giving money to his manager and team to help him be unditediced by paparrazi and fans. His username is keanucharlesreevesofficial1 there is more then 1 account using fans as bait to get money out of them through there love and fandom of that celebrity. Please never give money no matter who it is.