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6467412293 or +16467412293

Satan Claus commented 2018-10-12
Some users have signed this phone number as "Solar Winds".


3234526923 or +13234526923

James Keyser commented 2018-10-12
Walmart survey scam.


6606282030 or +16606282030

Ravi Shankar commented 2018-10-12
Who called me


6262550417 or +16262550417

WizIQ commented 2018-10-12
Need to know ASAP


2034848446 or +12034848446

Kathlene commented 2018-10-12
I got this text message today from this number... Monday, Oct 15th is actually 2018's filing timeline. You may be approved to get sizable relief of what you will owe. Please call.


6026364277 or +16026364277

Tina H commented 2018-10-12
No message left; called back and got “message cr22; the # you’ve called is no longer in service”..... SUPER SICK OF MY CELL # getting sold!!!!!!!’


2762006445 or +12762006445

Ftw commented 2018-10-12
This person hacks your information when she calls


8147745620 or +18147745620

juana Perez commented 2018-10-11
Este numero es de unos roba identidades lo usan para confirmar identidades y luego vender los datos al mejor postor mucho cuidado.


6018523816 or +16018523816

IRS scammer commented 2018-10-12
Spent the morning tying up this guy's phone. Creepy phone scammer.


4023838988 or +14023838988

Misty commented 2018-10-11
This number sent this text message... Misty They emitted this home job offer an called U about this but U didnt see it Just wondering what it's about.


2517919816 or +12517919816

Cherie commented 2018-10-11
Obnoxious extended car warranty recording


3474642117 or +13474642117

Dorothy Charles commented 2018-10-11
Said they were calling for the us treasury dept and I was in violation regarding my tax return.


9175805691 or +19175805691

Priscilla commented 2018-10-11
This phone number belongs to someone who is mentally sick and has a profile on Linked In and calls himself Andrei Gregory (not sure if that is a real person) and has a profile on Coffee meets Bagel and is trying to romanticize people by showing that he wants to get into a serious relationship. He is a sick man..please beware. He has stolen many pics.


2608214408 or +12608214408

it dosent matter commented 2018-10-11
they keep calling and no one is there


5854381369 or +15854381369

Bobby commented 2018-10-11
This number messaged me a Snapchat link code... I never pursued.. the outcome is most likely spam or an attempt to collect my most important information. Credit cards, acct numbers etc.


8323088230 or +18323088230

G commented 2018-10-11
Said it was Wanda and my internet connection was going to be shut down.


9107649618 or +19107649618

Esther Nelson commented 2018-10-11
Received a call and no one left a message not even a robot.


5153111304 or +15153111304

Safe Start, Inc. commented 2018-10-11
Some magazine free subscription that we have repeatedly told to take us off their calling list. We do not need their magazines, as it does not apply to our business industry at all. They just keep on calling from some call center, usually a foreign accent.


7046245335 or +17046245335

David commented 2018-10-11
random call from this number, I don't know any one in this phone exchange. Wondering who would be calling


8002863463 or +18002863463

Spud commented 2018-10-11
I received a call from this number. The CallerID said "TOLL FREE CALL". Since I don't recognize the number and the CID was so vague, I didn't answer since literally ALL of these numbers I have been receiving are scams using spoofed numbers. This could be anyone, from anywhere in the world.