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6625861042 or +16625861042

Andrew commented 2018-10-04
Long string of text messages with Emmanuel Appiah - (662) 586-1042 - 32 Dickson Drive, Plymouth MA 02360 - - Broken english - scatterbrain communication - random text messages with "Hello?" a few emojis, just really strange. I originally was contacted by Mr. Appiah to install solar panels on his home. I treated him fairly and worked with him as I do all of my solar customers. We conversed and soon the excuses piled on. I asked him to sign a preliminary agreement, send a copy of his electrical bill and a $250.00 refundable credit card deposit. After many many text messages, excuses that he had a bad phone connection, he worked on a boat as a Marine Biologist, he has a Google Phone number, RED FLAG and never answered it. I became very suspicious. The phone number he used is registered in Mississippi (MS). He started telling me that he could not send a copy of his electrical bill as the home owner needs to be paid by credit card before he could release this information. Strange, I thought to myself. I was to send him $4,000.00 as he could not pay the tenant - RED FLAG - by credit card. Ok, I pay your $4,000.00 when I am only asky for a small $250.00 refundable deposit. Buzzers started going off for me, nothing added up. He wanted me to pay his property manager, for a home he owns, to send a copy of the bill he has in his name? He wanted me to be his "Project Manager" and take care of his business. Who does that? My professional demeaner changed into asking him questions to catch him in his game and his trail of lies. I went into secret agent mode, searched his home address and found a completely different name on the address through the county assessor. I sent him pictures of the address and ownership information, not with his name on it. Mr. Appiah asked me where I found that. I then sent him a picture of this listing showing that he had been reported two other times. He has since contacted me, radio silence, game over. This guy will drain your time and waste your life. I learned that if you have a feeling that something is wrong, go with that gut feeling. Move on and ignore this low life.


5137951123 or +15137951123

Bose commented 2018-10-03
Please I saw this number on Sheraton site and i am calling to confirm if it is a scam


9723470522 or +19723470522

T.R. commented 2018-10-03
This number is an automated recording, stating they are calling from social security administration. Be aware and block ph#. Call local authorities to report. If this was legit you would be able to view listing. Check with BBB also before returning their call.


2510992053 or +12510992053

Rico commented 2018-10-03
Nuisance caller


5101628923 or +15101628923

John Doe commented 2018-10-03
SPAM NUMBER! DO NOT PICK UP WHEN THIS NUMBER CALLS! They are likely trying to get a recording of you saying, "hello", or "hi". This number called me recently. I had picked up the phone, and said, "hello?", as one usually does. After a moment of silence, an automated voice said, "bye", and the call ended. Again, DO NOT ANSWER THIS NUMBER!


8009634714 or +18009634714

Craig commented 2018-10-03
Referred to me by a last name I haven’t legally used for almost 5 years now. When I asked who was calling the guy said Jacob. I said who is Jacob? He responded “that’s my name”. BLOCKED


8009631341 or +18009631341

Concerned commented 2018-10-03
I have been getting phone calls in chinese from this and various numbers. They seem to call from a different number everytime, sometimes 800, sometimes 626. Anyone know what the phone calls are about and why they are calling?


3693656329 or +13693656329

Joan commented 2018-10-03
I started getting calls from 369-565-6329 since before 7am today. I must have over 20 calls from same #. How do you stop it? This is on my LAN line.


9809075683 or +19809075683

LEE commented 2018-10-03


9808203191 or +19808203191

beth commented 2018-10-03
called 4 times no message


4159100235 or +14159100235

Community Ombudsman commented 2018-10-03
This number is repeatedly used to direct vulnerable people to give up their personal identities and financial information to thieves pretending to be IRS enforcement, or collections, and law enforcement needs to locate the criminal group running this scheme


3471233692 or +13471233692

Johnnie commented 2018-10-03
Called our home phone @ 4:45 AM. Left no message.


8001123155 or +18001123155

Max D.P commented 2018-10-03
800-112-3155 called my mobility and left gash holding for a minute j**k...this thug-no class must be blocked for good!!!


8009634714 or +18009634714

Jeffrey commented 2018-10-03
They didn’t leave a message. Can’t be too important then. Blocked!


8339110542 or +18339110542

elbrute commented 2018-10-03
No one on the line. I hung up


3695632658 or +13695632658

Kim Souza commented 2018-10-03
I am being harassed by this number. They call telling me they are s government grant, when I asked to be removed from any list they hang up.


2292635038 or +12292635038

Felix commented 2018-10-03


7158512563 or +17158512563

SGB commented 2018-10-03
SPAM! I answered this time - calling about applying for fed grants. Told him I wasn't interested - he said "Fxcx, Bxtxx" and hung up. Advice - don't answer - even though they are relentless with calls


2070479549 or +12070479549

vonmazur commented 2018-10-03
Spam, did not answer, number blocked, no message left by caller we have no contacts in Oregon, and call back cannot be completed as dialed so it has to be spam.


7158512563 or +17158512563

SGB commented 2018-10-03
Calls 2-3 times a day. Comes up as SPAM and never leaves a message.