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2133194847 or +12133194847

Satan Claus commented 2018-10-03
Some users have signed this phone number as "Huawei P20 Lite".


7065675591 or +17065675591

Eduardo Martinez commented 2018-10-03


6022923546 or +16022923546

Satan Claus commented 2018-10-03
Some users have signed this phone number as "Rangers Staff".


7817207658 or +17817207658

Jennifer commented 2018-10-03
He is all over Badoo. Name Gregory, Isaacs, Gareth Kayson, Drew, Tony, John Morgan, Morris Samuel. Beware


2133194847 or +12133194847

Shamu commented 2018-10-03
Hi, i need information about phone and you!!!!


3698057881 or +13698057881

Caracasa commented 2018-10-03
This number kept calling me every 10 minutes. Never left a voice mail for a call back. Once I blocked the number it started again with 4 different last numbers.


8471475908 or +18471475908

wierdo commented 2018-10-02
ROBO caller said we will lower your medicare premium.. call 844 and i missed the rest of the number caller ID showed INVALID number...


7755056140 or +17755056140

Fred Fred commented 2018-10-02
Un-named insurance scammer with automated system attempting to get you to make the word, "yes".


2033512807 or +12033512807

NR Associates commented 2018-10-03
This number is for NR Associates. The company is known for scams disguised as 'debt collections'


2182151606 or +12182151606

Cris commented 2018-10-03
I received a text from this message saying over $12,000 USD was going to be delivered to my account....


6022923546 or +16022923546

instagram : @aitvlich commented 2018-10-02
searching for this man, i found his phone


3696565854 or +13696565854

Jay commented 2018-10-02
I know it's a scam. I've been getting calls from different numbers but same area code. I know no one from Santa Rosa nor have I been there. They will call 3-4 times in a row. I would block and they spoof with a different number.


5101565819 or +15101565819

Baba Yaga commented 2018-10-02
Everything, absolutely everything on this earth makes sense, and even the smallest things are worthy of our consideration.


8026083100 or +18026083100

D commented 2018-10-02
spammer - answered and there was no voice on other end - just dead air.


9158002187 or +19158002187

Mitch commented 2018-10-02


2127848301 or +12127848301

Andrei Radulescu commented 2018-10-02
Supposedly this guy is called Jonathan Yates. Big shot broker. After trying to make me come up with 6000 dollars for him to work miracles on the stock market, for my benefit, he won't answer the phone anymore, even though I made a withdrawal request for whatever money I had in my account, which I opened with Multiply Market, the he's supposed to work for.


5055077684 or +15055077684

SCAM Exposer commented 2018-10-02
This number is a well-known SCAM number making robocalls to unsuspecting people, probably an identity theft setup. Watch out. Report it.


4805131117 or +14805131117

Karma Hatfield commented 2018-10-02
They keep calling me and I will not answer it, so I wait to see if they leave a message no message, and I tried to call it back and it tells me this number cannot be connected.


5593674621 or +15593674621

May commented 2018-10-02
Calling about health services which I heard her voice before and i knew it was a scammer


2600877774 or +12600877774

Big Daddy commented 2018-10-02
Hang-up call from unknown caller with no message left.