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6318566877 or +16318566877

Satan Claus commented 2018-09-12
Some users have signed this phone number as "Aadam Malaysia".


2012045294 or +12012045294

Satan Claus commented 2018-09-12
Some users have signed this phone number as "Health Insurance Scam".


2029224624 or +12029224624

Satan Claus commented 2018-09-12
Some users have signed this phone number as "Fraud: Irs Threat Of Legal Action".


4045251035 or +14045251035

Clifford Cottingham commented 2018-09-12
called late at night. why ?


8004743362 or +18004743362

Sheena commented 2018-09-12
This is a erotic talk hotline


6305047407 or +16305047407

Kate commented 2018-09-12
This number left a text message about taking a survey


9857899330 or +19857899330

Toghouj commented 2018-09-11
This number is a pedophile


3154938054 or +13154938054

Junior commented 2018-09-12
Ese número es un pillo cuidado vende en mercado libre ya m estafó


4253825109 or +14253825109

MAB commented 2018-09-11
Person (s) pretending to be the IRS telling me that I owed some thousands of dollars for unpaid or non-payment of taxes between the last 8 years. Went as far as to tell me I would be brought in for a Federal Courtroom Hearing. These are my words as their words were so DIFFICULT to interpret. Not funny and scared me. They were CLEARLY FISHING FOR INFORMATION ABOUT OTHER PEOPKE AND THEIR PERSONAL INFORMATION. I.E., I USE A T-MOBILE AFFILIATE (METRO PCS) WHICH IS OWNED BY A DUTCH COMPANY, I BELIEVE THAT MY NUMBER WAS BOUGHT AND SOLD AS I GET OTHER ODD CALLS ABOUT MY CAR WARRANTY BEING OUT OF DATE TOO. THIS NUMBER SHOWS UP AS A WASHINGTON NUMBER AND THEY WILL TELL YOU THAT THEY ARE IN THE DC AREA ETC ..


6502504464 or +16502504464

IT Security commented 2018-09-11
The phone number, 650-250-4464, belongs to a scammer who replies on classified ads sites via text message saying his name is James, lives in San Jose, California, and is a flight attendant. Ignore or report this crook to the authorities.


4157646425 or +14157646425

Sarah commented 2018-09-11
Received call, left no message.


6318566877 or +16318566877

Unknown commented 2018-09-11
He will msg to get to know u.. And he will say i love u and telling false stories about himself. Saying buy gifts and give money. After sending false ref number to deliver, ask to pay custom fees to reach your country. Be aware!


2012045294 or +12012045294

Pat commented 2018-09-11
I keep receiving calls from 1 201 204 **** and my caller ID states it is a Healthcare #.... I already have coverage and it states to push 2 to be removed from the list but I keep getting calls from the same beginning number it is the last four digits that are different... please stop


9376481578 or +19376481578

Mama8 commented 2018-09-11
This number calls me 3 times a day for loan forgiveness. When I actually answered and tried to tell them to stop calling they hung up. Total scam.


9122737863 or +19122737863

jerry commented 2018-09-11
something about hair in their mouth


2706410463 or +12706410463

scott commented 2018-09-11
scammer trying to get you to follow link and steal from you


8779828870 or +18779828870

JUST ME commented 2018-09-11
Got the same, scam call pretending to be ATT--with the little "tone" sounds and all saying my account had be discontinued, to press 1 to verify info---so immediately hung up.


2021337769 or +12021337769

Fiona commented 2018-09-11
Chinese-speaker left message. Blocked.


8884016187 or +18884016187

Simon commented 2018-09-11
CRA scam. Computer voice threatens arrest warrant. Come and get me.


2029224624 or +12029224624

Donna commented 2018-09-11
"The person left a voice mail that he is calling from Department of Treasury, Inspector general office and warning that in order to avoid legal action I should call back above number