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8483989323 or +18483989323

Frances Segarra commented 2018-09-10
Every day I get a phone call from this number . When I answer, no one talks. then they hang up . When I call back, I get a reply, " Welcome to Verizon wireless. Your call cannot be completed as dialed . Please check the number and dial again.


6464412458 or +16464412458

Annoynomous commented 2018-09-10
No one talked. It was an automated recording. It beeps and then says "Goodbye" weird. Don't answer. Im getting rid of my phone now. Goodbye lmao


8884016281 or +18884016281

Hi, commented 2018-09-10
Is this an scam??


8653987088 or +18653987088

Anonymous commented 2018-09-10
This number called me about my car's warranty ending, offering an extension for a fee. The warranty ended years ago. They are clearly a scam, block this number.


8008128633 or +18008128633

gbr commented 2018-09-10


3694007856 or +13694007856

MJ commented 2018-09-10
Has called my cell 9 times in the past 3 hours and left no message.


7165770926 or +17165770926

Greg commented 2018-09-10
This phone number calls me and there is no answer when I pick up I call back and it won't go through !


9318874763 or +19318874763

John commented 2018-09-10
robo call


9735821385 or +19735821385

Tonny commented 2018-09-10
This is my google voice phone number


4125005124 or +14125005124

Geeta commented 2018-09-10
Number is signed as Jessica Robert From Usa.


3612857777 or +13612857777

Aggravated citizen commented 2018-09-10
Whose number is this? Making me tryong to call back and contact and worry about the health and well being of a very close relative out of my town! At 5am in the morning!!!!!! Absoluty ridiculous and uncalled for along with believe illegal based based on the hour! When I returned it it he number was disconnected! 1 minute and 2,3,4,5,8,9,13.....15 mins later and still disc not a reachable number


8440010002 or +18440010002

hi commented 2018-09-10
i want


4125005124 or +14125005124

Jignesh Vadaliya commented 2018-09-10
Because this number Chats with us as a Girl... want to check this is a right person or not... if you help us on this... we are vary thankfull to you... thanks


4422528626 or +14422528626

Support commented 2018-09-10
who is it?


3078096583 or +13078096583

Chris commented 2018-09-10
This number called my family and said I was in a car accident, falsely.


7869039618 or +17869039618

AKOREDE90 commented 2018-09-09
the owner is a frauster in Saudi Arabia Tariq waseem by name in IMO, he impersonates as NCB bank staff in Saudi Arabia


3477338741 or +13477338741

Katie commented 2018-09-09
The given phone number is signed as Danny - Misst


3477338741 or +13477338741

joe commented 2018-09-09


5092894840 or +15092894840

aj commented 2018-09-09
This number has been calling me for several times. The man name Fredrick marson was the owner of the number. Please help me to track this man.


3479627575 or +13479627575

J.J commented 2018-09-09
telephone tricksters and scammers=(