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7579850621 or +17579850621

Dennis McCann commented 2018-09-02
NOT sure If this was him calling


6074631748 or +16074631748

Hasteen commented 2018-09-02
Texting me about some guy she met.


2706917151 or +12706917151

JOSH commented 2018-09-02
Plz call me


2706959037 or +12706959037

josh Tolson commented 2018-09-02


7609603726 or +17609603726

Aron commented 2018-09-01
Hhahahah I knew it, he asked for my credit card details.


7609603726 or +17609603726

Grace commented 2018-09-01
WTF he took my daughter $7000. Please report this number his a scam


7609603726 or +17609603726

Felix commented 2018-09-01
Scam His a scam


7609603726 or +17609603726

Oled commented 2018-09-01
Yes Kendrick i thought as much when he asked for $3000 from my kids, he left Lake Tahoe, California.his on the run his a fraud star.


7609603726 or +17609603726

Kendrick commented 2018-09-01
Hello every one stay away from Eric Turner he'll rip you off, stay away from him he is a thieve and a scumbag. He stole my $8000 he is not from the USA. Warning Warning Warning Run when you see him, call he police when you see him and also report him.


6193331485 or +16193331485

Tamás Nagy commented 2018-09-01
Only the title concerned would have been interested. I would go once to visit


2020130880 or +12020130880

JH commented 2018-09-01
1202082484 12020226330 12020125127 12020104700 12020152177 12020272014 I have had these numbers call me EVERY hour since 11 this morning, I am beyond furious considering the fact I have already told the number ending in 5127 to STOP calling me. What is the point of calling someone if your not even going to state your name, why you are calling and what company you work for? I better not receive another call.


4126367884 or +14126367884

Tina commented 2018-09-01
This is spam. 115 complaints about this number.


7575883611 or +17575883611

mike b commented 2018-09-01
No one


8004157663 or +18004157663

Jio commented 2018-09-01
This is a scam # wanting you to pay for not disconecting a service...dont get hustled..


4126367884 or +14126367884

BARBARA commented 2018-09-01
constantly get calls from them - even on weekends! they leave no message -


7014909379 or +17014909379

Warren Webb commented 2018-09-01
I believe this is probably a Telemarketer.


5045151422 or +15045151422

krarin commented 2018-09-01
this telephone number belongs to a person who called himself Robert Zachary and I think he scamming people at least he did with me. His number is +15045151422 so beware.


7155396160 or +17155396160

Mahmood commented 2018-09-01
This number is offering IELTS results wihout siting in exam.


8102722610 or +18102722610

user commented 2018-09-01
not native english-speaker ( I guess somebody from the indian subcontinent pakistan, india or something similar) who told me he is from microsoft that my computer is infected by some software which will damage my harddisc and delete files. My comment: microsoft NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER cares about a single customer with an infected computer and spends money to call a customer. Microsoft don't even care about experts complaints about critical issues.


7733048439 or +17733048439

Rebecca commented 2018-09-01
This is spam. 29 complaints about this number.