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9129816320 or +19129816320

wopa commented 2018-08-24
After receiving multiple calls offering medical back braces of which I hit # 5 to be placed on a do not call, calls still being made. Today I asked to speak with the representative "I asked the rep why they were still calling after indicating not to call,", in addition to reporting hear I am forwarding to FCC scam report in Washington DC for scams / abusive call


9353653014 or +19353653014

Lala commented 2018-08-24
Fraud people fraud


9186869469 or +19186869469

Bill commented 2018-08-24
The given phone number is signed as Shunt.


9186869469 or +19186869469

Blah commented 2018-08-24
Never call me again jackass


9373441488 or +19373441488

Dre commented 2018-08-24
I got a call from this number it was an automated voice telling to push 1 to speak to a person, so I pressed one it was lady saying I have 2 felonies counts for a payday loan and the case is heading to court and i they are giving me chance to speak on my behave.


2568678678 or +12568678678

Dan commented 2018-08-24
People called left no message will not answer numbers I do not know


3057609108 or +13057609108

Robert commented 2018-08-24
My wife received a call claiming she had an overdraft on a banking account from 2008 at bank she never had an account with. The bank mentioned (Wakovia) is no longer in business.


5752151613 or +15752151613

Michelle Powell commented 2018-08-24
They call constantly and never leave a message


8103576903 or +18103576903

Ron commented 2018-08-24
She sent her picture


8558111682 or +18558111682

Joffrey commented 2018-08-24
Number given by a debt collector to call back to, no name given.


9174105812 or +19174105812

Sten commented 2018-08-24
Indeed, the number is signed as Aamir Raovani.


2029710648 or +12029710648

Guru commented 2018-08-24
Number is signed as Derrick


9174105812 or +19174105812

Aamir Raovani commented 2018-08-24
this number belongs to Aamir ravain


4234383710 or +14234383710

Ademob commented 2018-08-24
This number is being used by a scammer


2029710648 or +12029710648 commented 2018-08-24
We got a voicemail from this number, but the voicemail was like we were on hold, waiting in line and someone saying "your call is very important to us, please wait for the next available operator" or something. Really weird.


8123587207 or +18123587207

Catherine commented 2018-08-23
The given phone number is signed as Tax Evasion Scam.


5013336596 or +15013336596

AJ Tanvir commented 2018-08-24
+15013336596 The person who is using this number wants to hack my mobile. He is claiming so in whatsapp messenger.


5302231729 or +15302231729

Yo dawg commented 2018-08-24
Called twice and made weird noises when I called back


3010177001 or +13010177001

Ralph commented 2018-08-23
this is a scam number trying to get you a gov.grant but you are transfered to a english operator which tells you to hold on you are the next in this cubical and do not hang up.


2174711442 or +12174711442

Mike commented 2018-08-24
just took a shower and checked on my phone chargng and discovered this number called but didn't leave a voice mail message