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8329827146 or +18329827146

Angie ANG commented 2018-08-21
This is a scam call which he use other identifications name as Robert Smith 45 years old and said he is english lecturer from Mountain View College Texas.He try to ask for my help which he told he was lost his wallet and card in Hong Kong during touched down on Sunday 19 August 2018.Scam was tried to stealing woman money by thru web relationship


6162078831 or +16162078831

Dont call me commented 2018-08-21
This number calls me 4 times or more a week, no messages. SPAM


5135474382 or +15135474382

wizardsue commented 2018-08-21
been getting calls, no message left.


8663099410 or +18663099410

Marc commented 2018-08-21
+18663099410 Technocare Technology computer helpme information .Asking lots of money to repair your computer on line.


4062986848 or +14062986848

Vanessa Gunnell commented 2018-08-21
Either SNG or FNG, I think. Regardless, "credit card debt reduction." Unsolicited by me.


5744449784 or +15744449784

spam commented 2018-08-21
Don't answer


3054891465 or +13054891465

Fool commented 2018-08-21
Number is used by a scammer in Tinder.


2156000207 or +12156000207

ash commented 2018-08-21
who call on this number 2156000207


2629378814 or +12629378814

Linda commented 2018-08-21
Called me at 6:42 AM in the morning. I did not answer the phone. No message was left. Idiots, why someone phone so early and wake me up before 7 AM. I don't know this number, or anyone living in this area. Probably a scammer.


9173833126 or +19173833126

Jose commented 2018-08-21
They called me from this number telling me that its from the us treasure department with the intention of collecting a debt and if i ignored it i was gonna be prosecuted..i dont owed any money to the treasure dep or IRS...that call was a scam beware.


5079330046 or +15079330046

Kate commented 2018-08-21
A online love scammer left this number to me


7734924264 or +17734924264

MW commented 2018-08-21
This phone number is someone who tries to make frauds through paypal. Be carefull !!


2812226989 or +12812226989

Satan Claus commented 2018-08-21
Some users have signed this phone number as "Shiva Fmc".


2812226989 or +12812226989

asd commented 2018-08-21
Wanna know who is?


5512094722 or +15512094722

Satan Claus commented 2018-08-21
Some users have signed this phone number as "Sharon The Spammer".


2024704035 or +12024704035

Satan Claus commented 2018-08-21
This phone number belongs to Jeff Kerzner.


6315424988 or +16315424988

Benny Martin commented 2018-08-21
Trying to contact a certain Patrick Newman with SMC Seaviews , Ltd.


9512212111 or +19512212111

kay commented 2018-08-21
trying to reconnect


8552688921 or +18552688921

Caleb commented 2018-08-21
This is supposed to be a Google customer service number. I believe it is a scammer. They told me to go get a Google play card from the nearest Walmart. It needed to be for $50-100 which would supposedly be refunded to immediately. The number popped up as sponsored then I googled the Google customer service phone number.


5512094722 or +15512094722

Billyray commented 2018-08-20
Hang up caller.