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6170117359 or +16170117359

roma commented 2018-08-17
scam--pretend relative


3601911607 or +13601911607

paul Brittell commented 2018-08-17
This is a recorded message. like a robo call. These calls just started, and I get several a day.


4072592317 or +14072592317

Cellphone User commented 2018-08-17
Blue Green Vacation Rental


2487759035 or +12487759035

Me commented 2018-08-17
I'm constantly getting phone calls from this number. I only noticed the pattern when I looked at my phone call history. The strange part is the fact that the phone number doesn't look too much different than my own. I've blocked the pest.


3619484340 or +13619484340

stephanie commented 2018-08-17
I've been getting Final Notice on a vehicle I don't own and don't have I don't have an insurance on any vehicle I don't have a driver's license so you get a number saying you got a final notice for a vehicle start yelling at the person cuz they're all so rude to saying that you be lying to them


3155563700 or +13155563700

janan commented 2018-08-17
fake number , its using un wanted messages


3202291311 or +13202291311

claire commented 2018-08-17
This keeps showing up on my phone. Variations of 320-229-xxxx. Getting tired of blocking these numbers


9795832266 or +19795832266

wastr commented 2018-08-17


4155499158 or +14155499158

Wendy commented 2018-08-17
Please send me a message on I received a phone call from this number on 17 Aug 2018. Kind regards


4079359566 or +14079359566

Scott McCombs commented 2018-08-17


9143828929 or +19143828929

Markus commented 2018-08-17
need last name asap


2675891435 or +12675891435

Robert commented 2018-08-17
The person who uses this number is a phisher. They contacted me posing as a girl on the POF dating app and claimed that I would need to signup on some site (that was quite clearly fake) and provide my credit card info on it.


6173873201 or +16173873201

Satan Claus commented 2018-08-17
This phone number belongs to Olga Tailor.


5672440337 or +15672440337

Satan Claus commented 2018-08-17
There is 1 complaint about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed this phone number as "Irs Scam".


4232055467 or +14232055467

Rf commented 2018-08-17
This number texted me a dating web site!Scam


6026986856 or +16026986856

Laila commented 2018-08-17
Should be in jail!! Tries to sneak cameras to film session for God knows what. I kicked him out and notified police. Block his number and avoid at all costs


7073062116 or +17073062116

deelee flores commented 2018-08-16
left message to someone unknown to me that was threatening


8700000907 or +18700000907

Badoo commented 2018-08-16
This is an app adminstrator no name as badoo


8559264433 or +18559264433

Jake commented 2018-08-17
Most likely they will send a virus through text


8143679088 or +18143679088

tBia commented 2018-08-17
who are you