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9142088322 or +19142088322

Admin commented 2018-08-10
Some users have signed this phone number as "Rula".


6153946435 or +16153946435

Alain COURCOUX commented 2018-08-10


8887327032 or +18887327032

G commented 2018-08-10
Had the same problem my mom called and they have asked to access her computer and then tried to get her credit card to install a software.


6148055718 or +16148055718

Heather commented 2018-08-09
Whomever called my number around dinner time didn't leave a voicemail. I cant find anything on who this number belongs to.


6578765006 or +16578765006

citizen commented 2018-08-09
harassing my family using different phone numbers. keep calling my families personal phones.


6466645673 or +16466645673

No commented 2018-08-09
They have been calling me and asking me about some guy even when i have clearly tell them that they have the bloody wrong number.


9516771775 or +19516771775

Doug commented 2018-08-09
Called at 12:50 pm PST but left no message.


6072413006 or +16072413006

Karl Oakley commented 2018-08-09
Caller with heavy foreign accent purported to be calling for the IRS. Tried to extract personal information without disclosing reason for phone call. When asked why no formal print communication was sent prior to call, caller stated this was being done as cost saving measure. When pressed to disclose alleged complaints, caller became upset and stated I was wasting her time. She had many calls to make and little time to complete them. Next thing I heard was dial tone. Disconnected.


8445501455 or +18445501455

michael poitras commented 2018-08-09
Microsoft renew expired license


4098699610 or +14098699610

Agrivated commented 2018-08-09
Probable scammer about back pain. This number would not accept a call back due to "technical" difficulty. I can call other numbers.


2063390775 or +12063390775

Marcelo Bonisi commented 2018-08-09
Aguardo informações


6026503143 or +16026503143

birchat helil commented 2018-08-09
I want search my missing brother


2811487152 or +12811487152 commented 2018-08-09
leaves no message


8559796581 or +18559796581

Anonymous commented 2018-08-09
Robocall, stating his company can provided tax lien relief if you call 855-979-6581. The caller ID for the number changes on a weekly basis, and calls 2-3 times a day. If you call the number, it rings once then goes to a busy signal.


9142088322 or +19142088322

unknown commented 2018-08-09
Does this owner happen to be in Military? If not please care to tell me. Maybe He's using this phone number to lure me.


7343530000 or +17343530000

sam commented 2018-08-09
my collegue


7745823139 or +17745823139

Murodbek commented 2018-08-09
Hello 2 days ago I recived a call from this (17745823139) number but couldn`t hang the phone on I am going to know the purpose of the call my number is +998934847050


6153937784 or +16153937784

private commented 2018-08-09
Received call from (from a message I left for someone with a CT number I later found out after calling a NJ number, which means nothing, the people can be anywhere in the world) and lady said she works for ubs and her name is carol. I called the number back after hours and the omg said "Elise ray".. also means nothing, anyone can and many do give identity theft or fraudulent names, etc


8656571405 or +18656571405

Ahammed Ashjah Melethil commented 2018-08-09
I have received a Spam message from this number


4754685240 or +14754685240

test commented 2018-08-09