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5714576240 or +15714576240

Cesar Franco commented 2018-08-08
Buenas tardes estimado soy Cesar Franco de Santa Cruz Bolivia quiero contactarme con usted ya que tengo en mi poder un telefono Iphone 6 el mismo que me fue obsequiado y esta bloqueado por su cuenta Icloud, me gustaria ver la manera de llegar a un acuerdo con usted y si me puede escribir al numero +59170820412 le agradecere la atencion Saludos cordiales


8632254226 or +18632254226

Michelle H commented 2018-08-08
Keeps calling and hanging up


8172075241 or +18172075241

StC commented 2018-08-08
Number called twice today, 2 hours apart. No voicemail left. No reason for a number from fort worth to be calling my cell. Suspect Telemarketer.


2026976252 or +12026976252

Kay commented 2018-08-08
Stated they were irs & all of my personal belongings are to be seized & in the next 45 mins the feds will be knocking at my door to arrest me for 5 years


8002055522 or +18002055522

Steve commented 2018-08-07
I keep getting calls feom this number saying they want to give me money and all i have to do is say im interested in going back to school and they willprocess give me financial aid and it is money that i never have to pay back


6605707299 or +16605707299

Person in MO commented 2018-08-08
This phone # 660-570-7299 keeps calling my cell # almost daily. It must be a telemarketing company or a scam. Beware!


7122435608 or +17122435608

Robot Calling commented 2018-08-07
Annoying company cold calling number.


7192593393 or +17192593393

Randy Filkin commented 2018-08-07
I have no idea who this is but they keep calling, leaving empty vms. I call the # from a land line, rings but no anwer


6812180571 or +16812180571

Mandy commented 2018-08-07
Claimed to be a police officer asking for donations.


8556194333 or +18556194333

Mustafa commented 2018-08-07
somebody called and told me that somebody bought a gift card in my name through my AMAZON account and wanted me to verify if I knew and if I would verify the purchase. He was saying that he was calling from


8883790345 or +18883790345

Jay commented 2018-08-07
SCAM. This is not the CRA do not give any info to this number


8777003269 or +18777003269

MB commented 2018-08-07
This computer robot has called my phone over 100 times in 6 months. It's a recording asking me to accept. Usually it hangs up on its own before the message is completed. If I do accept, it makes a fax noise. Time to block.


8581286935 or +18581286935

Confused commented 2018-08-07
I got a message on my cell that spoke only in Chinese or Japanese. I don't know what is being said, but this is the second time I got a similar message. My phone already put a tag on it being a potential spam.


2197429856 or +12197429856

Doug commented 2018-08-07
Who's calling me?


2091557439 or +12091557439

Marty commented 2018-08-07
East Indian called me from th1s number advising his company (not named) was detecting errors from my PC. To prove he was legit, passed me following number 888dca60fc0a11cf8f0f00c04fd7d062 which I was to look up on my PC. I guess I was too slow and he disconnected. That 32 digit number is CLSID and is same on all windows PCs. So it is a scam.


7049975248 or +17049975248

Sar commented 2018-08-07
I get several calls from this number every day


8889105832 or +18889105832

Shawna commented 2018-08-07
Called my client, I'm a personal care aide. They tried selling insurance to her and resisted to give her a phone number to call back bc I had her card from yesterday and I thought I left it at my house so she said she didn't have it. So they didn't want to leave a number with her but finally did and said to ask for angel. Sounds to me like it was a scam wanting her card information. Be careful with what ppl call to try to sell.


8664671403 or +18664671403

jim commented 2018-08-07
number comes up to be called when a fake virus is detected by a fake Microsoft software tech support


5013395999 or +15013395999

Tovalady commented 2018-08-07
Telemarketing Garbage calls don't answer.


2097105823 or +12097105823

Joan commented 2018-08-07
Claimed to be Catherine Richardson of FBI. Gave me warning that I am under investigation and warrant is out for my address. ROBO