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2133149502 or +12133149502

Doc commented 2018-08-01
Scam and spam


8885123119 or +18885123119

Lori Glas commented 2018-08-01
Just found it was a scam today 7-31-2018 and they posed as a company peddling anti-hacking software. Microsoft has proven that this is not true. They will sell you outrageous anti-hacking software as well as another software such as "registry manager". I paid 389.00 dollars for this fraudulent scheme. They are scammers. BEWARE. Talk to Microsoft first!! They try and call themselves Cisco HUB.


2814144577 or +12814144577

x123 commented 2018-08-01
Called at 3 AM with some spiel about something and being available in the neighborhood. then asked if I was home owner. As far as I am concerned it is a scam of some type.


9039460943 or +19039460943

Sherbaby commented 2018-08-01
This is a scam offering health insurance ,weird ancient people ,when you try calling back the number says number has changed so phony


8555003052 or +18555003052

cash back usa commented 2018-08-01
this is a money lender telephone number named cash back usa


5188050295 or +15188050295

AreJick commented 2018-08-01
i have been called just now,like 3 min ago...and told me wanted to give 200 cash for respon and answer some survey things maybe..i cant hardly heard what they said...


8443776444 or +18443776444

james commented 2018-08-01
saying that my service is cancelled on pc security, they had said that i would have to receive a payment of 210 dollors, i call him and ask what company they work for they will not tell me. and they would hang up the phone on me everytime


5856481605 or +15856481605

...... commented 2018-07-31
Spam about car warranty


8501483404 or +18501483404

Amy commented 2018-07-31
This number calls on an almost daily basis but never leaves a message.


8778743173 or +18778743173

Leona John commented 2018-07-31
Message, asking to call the number so monies can be refunded.


4025176568 or +14025176568

Ahmad commented 2018-07-31
This man stole money from me


8442601661 or +18442601661

Claudia commented 2018-07-31
I received a letter with my name and address stating to call right aeay regarding my mortgage and access to equity reserves


2679654452 or +12679654452

Håvard Grønås commented 2018-07-31
I live in Norway and got a call from ththis number. I can see no reason as to why these people would call me. I did not answer


4075425454 or +14075425454

Charlew commented 2018-07-31
Got an automated recorded call from this number stating a complaint was filed against me and needed my address (nope not gonna give it) or I could press 1 to speak with an agent (not gonna do that either). No one calls if you have a complaint or so called charges. Not gonna press 1 to talk to scammer that's in a boiler room


2151113222 or +12151113222

MARY SMITH commented 2018-07-31


2064600886 or +12064600886

wayne gwynne commented 2018-07-31
Got a call from 12064600886 claiming they were the IRS and was threatened and should call and spak wirh them


2405515246 or +12405515246

Dr Michelle Kim, NJ commented 2018-07-31


6084000025 or +16084000025

yvette munroe commented 2018-07-31
who has been calling me from this number


8135221185 or +18135221185

Guy commented 2018-07-31
who is the owner of this number ?


6782465232 or +16782465232

Anonimo commented 2018-07-31
La persona que hay detrás de este número, ya ha sido descubierto en California. Era tan tonto que dio con que cometió muchos errores y abandono está identidad. Es de nacionalidad polaca.