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2132748532 or +12132748532

Vikash commented 2018-07-30
It's a fraud no of Miss Bela. She thugs people of their money with her team in India. Please be careful.


3474641167 or +13474641167

B. L. commented 2018-07-30
Received calls from this number and the caller left the message claiming the call is from the U.S. Department of Treasury, that there is going to be a lawsuit against me for owing taxes, and I need to take action immediately. So I returned the call and they gave me the case number and the warren number, telling me that the FBI is on the way to arrest me. As I hung up the phone and call my CPA, and gave the phone number, turned out the number was called from Brooklyn New York.


2254363208 or +12254363208

Chamara commented 2018-07-30
I need to know who is this


2254012153 or +12254012153

steffen maron commented 2018-07-30
claimed legal agency


8888603644 or +18888603644

James Lee commented 2018-07-30
Said it was DirecTV (and I do have DirecTV service) making an unsolicited offer


2025561245 or +12025561245

Grant commented 2018-07-30
This is a scam. They used the fake name Paul Anderson. They called me and attempted to get me to verbally confirm that I had won several free grants that i would never have to pay back. After they realized I would not confirm, they hung up. Stay safe out there!


2023794763 or +12023794763

Anya commented 2018-07-30
A strange robotic voice with incorrect grammar called to say I have serious allegations against me and “my number”.


8443661753 or +18443661753

JoAnn commented 2018-07-30
Someone posing as an Ohio Edison representative threatening to turn off electrical unless we purchased Green Dot cards to make a payment plus $1500.00 in a new deposit. We only have one hour.....


3202894429 or +13202894429

Jacqui commented 2018-07-30
Recorded message about health care enrollment. I have not done business with them and my number is on the National Do-Not-Call-Registry.


9404536680 or +19404536680

Stan commented 2018-07-30
Recorded message about chronic pain.


9103874858 or +19103874858

Jane Doe commented 2018-07-30
I received a call from a real person,(not the usual prerecorded,robo voices you hear) looking for another person I live with to tell us our family was picked to go on a vacation!Fake!I I picked up the phone and told them I was not the person they were looking for and they asked for my name instead!I told them to stop calling my number ,and hung up.


5129717922 or +15129717922

Unknown commented 2018-07-30
Suspected spammer


2405515246 or +12405515246

Annie commented 2018-07-30
They keep saying they are IRS , and when I ask them questions they hang up on me


2743579579 or +12743579579

cr commented 2018-07-30
left no message


4698348542 or +14698348542

tyler commented 2018-07-30
i wanna know the name of this mobile number owner


6464309245 or +16464309245

Naji commented 2018-07-30
Scamming mobile number


5126051159 or +15126051159

kali Hunter commented 2018-07-30
Asking to br my sugar momma and then asking to have my bank info to deposit my forst allowance. Lol


6234041922 or +16234041922

leo commented 2018-07-30
I need a loan


8444846763 or +18444846763

Admin commented 2018-07-30
Some users have signed this phone number as "Why Lease It".


8444846763 or +18444846763

Deedee from Guam commented 2018-07-30
I received 3 missed calls on 3 separate occasions by this number so I tried returning the call. Oddly enough no one picked up on the other end. Out of concern and stuck with worry in the back of my mind of who could be trying to contact me, so I searched the web for this number and surprisingly I didn't have much luck.