Forum to exchange information about phone numbers in the US


8557553490 or +18557553490

Old lady commented 2018-07-26
Received phone call from private number told me to call 18557553490 said the have legal documents to serve me last name Steven Bitterman said you have been notified


2533877996 or +12533877996

md.hassan ansari commented 2018-07-26
A lady named DianaRose send me a friend request in face she is asking my whatsapp number 4 private conversation


6067859007 or +16067859007

Jill shamon commented 2018-07-26
Who is dat


2055884073 or +12055884073

Marshmello commented 2018-07-26
This was digital and used by others .. How can I recover it .. Please help


3182521913 or +13182521913

Allen C commented 2018-07-26
Received recorded phone message from this number stating that they were from the IRS and that I would be arrested if I did not call them back. THIS IS A SCAM.


6177526711 or +16177526711

Melissa commented 2018-07-26
A hearing administrator calling in a recorded line?


7202558318 or +17202558318

Alicia M. Hardiman commented 2018-07-26
I am putting this number here because I need everyone to know that this number belongs to Jeremy Wylie. He is an abuser and pedifile. Luckily I got away. Sometimes he calls from random numbers but they all lead back to this one. Be careful doing business with him. He will screw you over and Rob you. He is trying to be a rapper and makes videos. AVOID THIS NUMBER AND THIS MAN


8326394680 or +18326394680

Steve from Belgium commented 2018-07-26
I love you


2409002398 or +12409002398

Magan commented 2018-07-26
Just got a call from this number it was and automate messaging saying something along the lines of there is a crimal investigation and i needed to call this other number and that it is time sensitive. I have never been to Maryland in my life nor do I know anyone there and I live in North Carolina and have never had a ticket in my life. I have never done anything to cause crimal charges. There for I feel it is safe to say that this number is a scam. I also tried to call the number back and it just kept ringing.


9806328249 or +19806328249

Sarah commented 2018-07-26
The given phone number is signed as Bharti.


7655260912 or +17655260912

Edith Jacobs commented 2018-07-26
At first they ask for my son, no matter what i respond with (of course) letting them know that this is, not his number. They quickly hang up. At one time i responded Don't hang up please, just take this # off--click they hung up. Another time. I responded Just a second please..then i said he's not here right now then she continued with since I've got you on the phone would you be interested in insurance? I said No, she hung up. They refuse to quit calling, if you call the number back, it's always a # that's no longer in service.


2127219420 or +12127219420

Greg commented 2018-07-26
Called to say my credit card had been used foe a $450 dollar purchase and a $1100 overseas transfer. Gave me 1st 4 numbers for a credit card I have. I told them it was wrong. They asked me for the 1st 4 numbers of my card. I refused to give it. When I told them I was going to call my credit card Co. They said bye and hung up. I live in Canada


9166993419 or +19166993419

Zhomer commented 2018-07-26
Hey. Please contact me at the following phone number: WhatsApp, Telef, Skype +48505795095


9806328249 or +19806328249

bharti commented 2018-07-26


6170101111 or +16170101111

Col commented 2018-07-26
I’ve never lived in the US. Started receiving calls from this number, but never leaves a message. Don’t know how they get Aussie phone numbers.


6315630507 or +16315630507

Bertha commented 2018-07-26
The given phone number is signed as Blank.


9170526660 or +19170526660

Emre commented 2018-07-26
The given phone number is signed as Anshika.


5099158135 or +15099158135

Clay commented 2018-07-26
Spam Number, disregard


5099142759 or +15099142759

Clay commented 2018-07-26
Spam Number - disregard


6263232958 or +16263232958

pasadena commented 2018-07-26
calls numerous times per day, but my clock blocking services catches after one ring