Forum to exchange information about phone numbers in the US


9170526660 or +19170526660

Emre commented 2018-07-26
The given phone number is signed as Anshika.


5099158135 or +15099158135

Clay commented 2018-07-26
Spam Number, disregard


5099142759 or +15099142759

Clay commented 2018-07-26
Spam Number - disregard


6263232958 or +16263232958

pasadena commented 2018-07-26
calls numerous times per day, but my clock blocking services catches after one ring


2109668281 or +12109668281

mr herro? who dis commented 2018-07-26
Some scam people harrasing me over the phone probably looking for your creditcard info. They leave a message in ur voicemail saying some shiz about a criminal suit against you to call them back. Absolute scammers


8771724944 or +18771724944

No Name commented 2018-07-25
Whoever called did not leave a message.


2071074934 or +12071074934

rob commented 2018-07-25
hangs up when answered


3073179982 or +13073179982

RAMJEET YADAV commented 2018-07-25
hellooo sir mention the above no is misusing buy sapna singh india so kindly block this no plz


2097182579 or +12097182579

ANON commented 2018-07-26
Scammers trying to get money. Call with promise of student loan help. Hangs up before being able to speak. Being placed on the no-call list does nothing. They simply call from a different number.


6315630507 or +16315630507

ME commented 2018-07-26
Redial to number says it is not in service


8771918194 or +18771918194

Cin commented 2018-07-26
I just recieved a call from this number i think its fraud. When i try To called back thé number thé number isnt in service.


4237998401 or +14237998401

Dof commented 2018-07-25
Just want to confirm the location of this number


8771883652 or +18771883652

albuzar commented 2018-07-25
call tracked and traced. police notified. investigation ongoing.


4058760855 or +14058760855

Steven hawkins commented 2018-07-25
It called my phone and left no message I called it back and it gave me a buzzy signal


9170526660 or +19170526660

Seymond commented 2018-07-25
This caller identifies themselves as Microsoft and based on recent error messages automatically sent to them from your PC, that your PC is being hacked. They try to get you to go into your PC and follow instructions to set your PC so they can access it and fix the Hacker issue for you. They are NOT Microsoft and they want access to your PC to get your info and Bank Account info in the background. Hank up on them! Microsoft Phone is: +1-877-232-8502


5313251515 or +15313251515

Country commented 2018-07-25
Calls from 531/325/1140 keep calling. No voicemail left. Tired of these unusual calls from531-325etc numbers calling me! When I return calls it’s Verizon saying the number I’ve called has been changed or disconnected. What’s up with all these calls and where are they really coming from?? If I answer they hang up!!!!!


4044682491 or +14044682491

Rachel commented 2018-07-25
The given phone number is signed as Arafat.


4402122931 or +14402122931

CB commented 2018-07-25
Was scammed out of $300 for event tickets that I supposedly purchased from a Michael Reeds


8018495053 or +18018495053

Anon commented 2018-07-25
Called, left no message. "Number not in service" on callback.


8771185711 or +18771185711

Mira commented 2018-07-25
I get several calls a day from different 877 numbers - they are all from the same company offering a lower interest rate on credit card. It is a recording, so one can't even tell them not to call anymore. It is annoying. Seems they don't know the different time zones and call at inappropriate times of the day. Very frustrating!