Forum to exchange information about phone numbers in the US


6365351372 or +16365351372

Anônimo commented 2018-07-19
I do not want to scare anyone else, this contact scares me a lot. He is not even from my city. He said where I was right now and


8012494004 or +18012494004

Thuy Nguyen commented 2018-07-19
I'm from Vietnam and I received a fake call from the phone number +18012494004. He told me that I have a post package sending from the USA and he need my private information (name; address, phone number...). I confirm that this is a phising call because I don't have any post package like that Thuy


6170101111 or +16170101111

Anon commented 2018-07-19
I don't live in the US and never have. This number has started calling me with no message left.


2246009686 or +12246009686

Anonim commented 2018-07-19
The swindler, razvodit girls on an intim photo for money.


8882850016 or +18882850016

Wendy commented 2018-07-19
The given phone number is signed as Google.


9785405598 or +19785405598

Priscilla commented 2018-07-19
The given phone number is signed as Scam.


2061122000 or +12061122000

Lorraine commented 2018-07-19
This is spam. 88 complaints about this number.


3098577939 or +13098577939

Xie ba commented 2018-07-19
Why, you can ring me?


3238180017 or +13238180017

Ana commented 2018-07-19
Someone i met on instagram by the name of Patrick De Luca @deluca_pat gave me this number. But come to find out it is a scammer using someone else's photos...


4257910919 or +14257910919

Dont know name commented 2018-07-19
They think my name is Doug and I am from Tennesse.


4078483358 or +14078483358

Just a random commented 2018-07-19
The owner of the number pretends to be Momo, tries to scare people and go as far as sending graphical pictures of mutilated dead bodies, if it contacts you, block immediately


8882850016 or +18882850016

Ralph commented 2018-07-19
"Microsoft Refund" scam. This number is hosted by Let them know how much you appreciate their hosting a CRIMINAL trying to STEAL from you!!!


8008644521 or +18008644521

Barbara commented 2018-07-19
I got a text message from +1 800-864-4521 stating that a preFunded GiftCard has been put in your account. I don't have an account that a gift card could have been put in. I assume this is a scam.


2061122000 or +12061122000

KNEEL Harvill commented 2018-07-18
Refused to answer or identify when I call back, several times.


9785405598 or +19785405598

Jeanette Woody commented 2018-07-18
I received a call from this number. It was a robot call stating that they were Social Security Admin. That I needed to call this number back before they proceeded to file a fraudulent suit against me. I know this call is a scam die to the fact that im not doing anything fraudulent.


9843331501 or +19843331501

19843331501 commented 2018-07-18
+19843331501 My number is not functional


9843331501 or +19843331501 commented 2018-07-18
My number But No Activit


8663269615 or +18663269615

Fazal commented 2018-07-18
I got call from this number, the guy claimed to be an agent of Social Security Administration and is working in association with the US martial on a drug smuggling matter, and they have found me involved in the case, so the next morning US Martial is coming to my residence to arrest me and to take my statement on it.


9564025700 or +19564025700

Octavio Alvarez commented 2018-07-18
El portador de dicho número telefónico, se llama Andres Salinas y tiene 19 años, y dicha persona sustrajo de la Ciudad de Monterrey, Nuevo León, a una menor de edad de 15 años de nombre Jennifer López, es el motivo por el cual se esta búscando información de dicho numero, ya que creemos la menor se encuentra en situación de riego


6022014983 or +16022014983

Tb commented 2018-07-18
No one on line. Busy when i returned call