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3192096640 or +13192096640

fatimah commented 2018-07-12
Please, I want this number personally


7078365678 or +17078365678

vit commented 2018-07-11
fake number. scammer.


3372431631 or +13372431631

Debra Silverthorn commented 2018-07-11
Since I don't know anybody from Louisiana I wanted to know if this number is a scam


8888702194 or +18888702194

Jacob commented 2018-07-11
my computer was hacked, and I was asked by a notification to call this number, claiming that the number is of Microsoft. In a short confrontation they admitted that they are hackers.


7143402375 or +17143402375

Mehmet commented 2018-07-11
Scams. Be careful. They called me a girl and said they were AdWords advisor. They spent my account on their own. I complained to these people. I hope they go to jail.


7704036377 or +17704036377

LEE commented 2018-07-11
Leave voicemail message when calling or will not answer. from 270 421 6802


7207914828 or +17207914828

ppfffy commented 2018-07-11
This is very disgusting guy. He shows you his genitals.


3345813286 or +13345813286

John commented 2018-07-11
Scam number she contacts you to get you to go to Hangouts then draw you in to give money.+13345813286


2103156598 or +12103156598

Admin commented 2018-07-11
This phone number belongs to Noyan Aynechi.


8443964999 or +18443964999

Admin commented 2018-07-11
There are 73 complaints about spam on this phone number.


2142995725 or +12142995725

Matthew Davidson commented 2018-07-11
Has been telling me he will send money...has applied for a Visa for me to move to Dallas Texas


8563789006 or +18563789006

Extorsión commented 2018-07-11
They calle from a spanish sound to storcion call


7083061883 or +17083061883

david cosstaa commented 2018-07-10
fake cra agent said "isuued arrest warrent on your name"


6363120118 or +16363120118

Not Interested commented 2018-07-10
IRS Scam


8035101733 or +18035101733

Gary commented 2018-07-10
Keeps calling and cannot call back. Spam


9492909137 or +19492909137

Mary commented 2018-07-11
Get a call from this number atleast 2 sometimes 3 a week, either no answer or can't understand. Today told them I will file a legal complaint of harrassment if this continues.


2103156598 or +12103156598

JOE commented 2018-07-10
Probably a scam - hung up with no voice after about 3 seconds.


8443964999 or +18443964999

Dagmar, NC commented 2018-07-10
Scam Call. I got a voice mail and called back out of curiosity who that Phon Nr. belonged to. On the other end was a male with British Indian accent and says it is the Microsoft Headquarters in Washington. I told him he is a scammer and hung up because Microsoft is not making calls to the people and telling them there is a problem with there computers. BEWARE!!!!!


9096405878 or +19096405878

Concerned Citizen commented 2018-07-10
They called me 23 times in one day and they don't say anything. They call you and if you pick up they are silent.


6316333852 or +16316333852

Veronika commented 2018-07-10
Moj suprug