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5044078202 or +15044078202

Angela Smith commented 2018-07-10
This owner of the number is alien trying to find way to stay in u.s.a, this guy is dangerous, clever and liars cheater


8288791584 or +18288791584

Matt commented 2018-07-10
Called hung up tried to call back and operator says this is not a working number


7867655394 or +17867655394

Hb marie commented 2018-07-10
Called twice, left a silent message


2064600174 or +12064600174

Darla commented 2018-07-10
This number called my phone and left a scare tactic message, maybe thinking I am here illegally, but I am a born U.S. Citizen. Transcription Beta "To working hours and ____ after that you will be taken under custody by the federal officers as there ____ serious allegations _____ on your name at this moment we would request _____ to get back to us so that we can discuss about this case before taking any legal action against you the number to reach us is 206-460-0174 I repeat 206-460-0174 thank you ..."


9402387147 or +19402387147

Melisa commented 2018-07-10
Este numero busco mi amistad por facebook,confie en el su nombre Giggs M Gibson...trabaja en la armada de EEUU ingenuamente tal vez confio en el,aunque no se si creerle,necesito ayuda,solo se eso,que es militar Estadounidense,y esta en servicio en Siria...


8722165705 or +18722165705

Admin commented 2018-07-10
Some users have signed this phone number as "Airtrip Elena U. N".


8722165705 or +18722165705

anton commented 2018-07-10
Who is it?


8168774481 or +18168774481

Admin commented 2018-07-10
There are 17 complaints about spam on this phone number.


8669320570 or +18669320570

witney smith commented 2018-07-10
This is company is a scam they took $39.99 from my account which I did not authorize them to do so.


4804397081 or +14804397081

Alfonso commented 2018-07-09
Intento de estafa a traves de Pay Pal, al final te van a robar el dinero y lo que hayas vendido de segunda mano o usado.


9252614128 or +19252614128

Alfonso commented 2018-07-09
Intento de estafa a traves de PayPal comprando objetos de segunda mano, al final te vas a quedar sin dinero y sin objeto.


4086624515 or +14086624515

ME commented 2018-07-09
Who is this


3234069492 or +13234069492

Al h commented 2018-07-09
Said he was from the IRS and the only way i could get them not to arrest me , is to send them five hundred dollars and at the end told me not to tell anyone or i could make more trouble for me


6784013218 or +16784013218

LINDA commented 2018-07-09
ghost call


8168774481 or +18168774481

B moore commented 2018-07-09
These people called saying they were IRS and a lawsuit has been filed against me. I needed to resolved this as soon as possible. I have no issues with the internal revenue.


9046271896 or +19046271896

nina commented 2018-07-09
who is that


8772994917 or +18772994917

AntiFraud commented 2018-07-09
debt collection scam investment. autotrading, HYIPS


3186371137 or +13186371137

Soren Hansen commented 2018-07-09
I have been getting calls from this number numerous times over the last week. I have not answered as it seem suspicious because no message is left on my voice mail.


4306255663 or +14306255663

Vickie Young commented 2018-07-09
This number sent me a text but they would not respond back to me


7816314553 or +17816314553

bruce m lothrop commented 2018-07-09
i would like this number as it was my number as a child