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4782937363 or +14782937363

dragoonmarksman commented 2018-06-30
the gummy bear has been sent


9103820039 or +19103820039

ELLIE commented 2018-06-29
This number Burke.


8452080271 or +18452080271

EVIE commented 2018-06-29
The given phone number is signed as Health Insurance Scam.


3862495915 or +13862495915

SOPHIE commented 2018-06-29
The given phone number is signed as Jackie White Chic.


3854225327 or +13854225327

Xerrr commented 2018-06-29


2052221798 or +12052221798

John G. commented 2018-06-29
Two of the nicest people I have met. They were respectful and a joy to be around. I purchased something from them on Letgo and couldn't be happier. The gentleman told me if I had a problem with the item to let him know and he would be happy to help even though I was buying the piece of furniture as is. About a week later I chipped the piece while moving it to my new home. His hobby is woodworking and he kindly came over to look at it and taught me how to fix the scratch and dent as he did it for me. He wouldn't accept payment accept 5 dollars for gas which I gladly paid him. He also has a Horticulture and a business degree. On the way out I asked him a question about a Japanese Maple I have and he seemed very knowledgeable in the field of Horticulture, not to mention his woodworking skills. Thank you sir for your help and my wife enjoyed the company of your fiance. I would recommend thus couple in the future to anyone doing business with them. John G.


7065210855 or +17065210855

John T Giordano commented 2018-06-29
GmailJohn Giordano WINNING TICKET 2 messages


9366691992 or +19366691992

John commented 2018-06-29
Keeps calling and doesn't leave message.


9103820039 or +19103820039

ifemiposi commented 2018-06-29
I love you mom


8452080271 or +18452080271

jaye commented 2018-06-29
Robo call insurance medicare


3862495915 or +13862495915

Jane doe commented 2018-06-29
They are a bully! Everybody that reads this please call or txt 386-249-5915 and torment them like he has done me and my family. Thank you


8881168279 or +18881168279

C4 commented 2018-06-29
Credit Card scam calls constantly received from this number.


4702044820 or +14702044820

Lauren commented 2018-06-29
Sent me a text message about a 4k loan


7083579150 or +17083579150

Laura commented 2018-06-29
I received a recorded message from this number stating that I had a warrant for my arrest and Tax Lien filed for fraud against the family.


7162408042 or +17162408042

Steve commented 2018-06-29
Phone rang but no response when I answered.


7272203708 or +17272203708

Maria Cristina Ferrari commented 2018-06-29
I suffer because of your absence. But your image is in me. You stole my heart. +55 12982788978 Brasil


9315639808 or +19315639808

James commented 2018-06-29
9315639808 or +19315639808 Mentioned above no. Call my gf through whatsapp and ask for her bank account no. And threatened her saying he have all information about her. Such should be bring down to justice and Such act should be punish by law.


3153849624 or +13153849624

Admin commented 2018-06-29
Some users have signed this phone number as "Threat Jury Scam".


2069341791 or +12069341791

Vicki V commented 2018-06-29
Telemarketers for donating to Veterans.


3866013427 or +13866013427

Papas macdonal commented 2018-06-29
What is this number? who are you?