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4171410020 or +14171410020

Antonia commented 2018-06-21
Me marcaron para extorsionarme. Diciendo que tenían a mi hija secuestrada


7743775186 or +17743775186

Lou commented 2018-06-20
This number texted my cell claiming I gave them my number which is definitely not true then a selfie of a light skin black girl with blond extension s popped up when I said I don't know you and don't bother me she said sorry. And that was that I'm from Brooklyn NY but. My cell has an Idaho zip code


8636936441 or +18636936441

Wazir commented 2018-06-20
He is skam


2178854437 or +12178854437

Anon commented 2018-06-20
Called explaining to me that the IRS has been trying to contact me for 6 months and this is the last attempt and they will be filing a warrant against me and my family for tax fraud. I'm a single person who claims nobody, what family? And why is the call centered in Illinois? I don't believe it for those few reasons and a few others of my own.


8026851261 or +18026851261

James Jones commented 2018-06-20
Getting harassing phone calls from this number claiming he is my IT guy and there is trouble with my network.


7733404663 or +17733404663

Faint commented 2018-06-20
Came through our cell and flagged as a scam likely?


5189923440 or +15189923440

TOM HILL commented 2018-06-20
Looks like a spammer


8656578213 or +18656578213

earl commented 2018-06-20
called & hung up .did not speak


7277985126 or +17277985126

Veritas commented 2018-06-20
NO ID. Calls. Leaves no message. Blockrd now.


8123084337 or +18123084337

Terrie Burden commented 2018-06-20
Someone from this number called me right before my first break last night. When I tried calling it back 5 min later all I got was voicemail. The number looks familiar and if it's someone I know I would like to get in contact with them.


7277984043 or +17277984043

Veritas commented 2018-06-20
NO ID...Called several times. Leaves no message. Nuisance!


9782884602 or +19782884602

Jauhar commented 2018-06-20
This man called me n threaten me without any reason nnsaid that i ll find u.i dont know who he is and what is is his problem


2566084260 or +12566084260

Kees Gracht commented 2018-06-20
This number tries to scam me! it requires to send package to unlock payment, but then you never receive the payment. the number is used by a scam


9172686778 or +19172686778

Sheikh Abu said commented 2018-06-20
Good businessman


5804028506 or +15804028506

Nagin commented 2018-06-20
I am getting repeated video calls from this Number to my Bangalore number., The person is showing pen*s and m*sturb*ting on the video call., Please some one help me in filing a complaint with +1 911.


8585682508 or +18585682508

Admin commented 2018-06-20
This phone number belongs to Gina.


2169299461 or +12169299461

Admin commented 2018-06-20
Some users have signed this phone number as "Ahmed Mohamed (احمد محمد)".


7015340072 or +17015340072

Aran commented 2018-06-20
I had a call from this number today morning! And I live in Iran!


8585682508 or +18585682508

L L commented 2018-06-20
no comment


2532409461 or +12532409461

Jack commented 2018-06-20
Because its a long lost friend