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2679678695 or +12679678695

Zuzana commented 2018-06-15
Potrebuje moju pomoc


6058654953 or +16058654953

Jona commented 2018-06-15
She puts herself as an account manager in trading.wanna know if shes legit


7575051797 or +17575051797

Toby commented 2018-06-14
This number keeps calling me about a lawsuit


7187345586 or +17187345586

LA commented 2018-06-14
threatened me with prison


2145488378 or +12145488378

alireza commented 2018-06-14
hi there, any order with me 09123412742


7162682167 or +17162682167

Rena commented 2018-06-14
Anyone that receives a call from this number, immediately report it. It is a scam attempting to con gullible people out of money. Don't fall for it...there is no warrant out for your arrest.


9045803750 or +19045803750

SEC commented 2018-06-14
This guy ''John Harris'' is a scammer Watch out He`ll steel your money without any SCRUPLE - Nor any balls - A Real SNAKE and MONEY HUNGRY INDIVIDUAL pretending to be a ''Coach''. NOT A REAL COACH - He has ruin my life and stole 20 000 U.S. dollars from me. MARKETING SCAM. TURBOWEALTH Solution Is a SCAM. US is a greedy and dangerous country.


9165883493 or +19165883493

DK commented 2018-06-14
Indian call centre disguised as a california number saying" you've won a green card". But they need some personal "details" to see if you are eligible.


8049998976 or +18049998976

Admin commented 2018-06-14
This phone number belongs to Rajesh Gupta.


8049998976 or +18049998976

Hi commented 2018-06-14


9166702412 or +19166702412

Admin commented 2018-06-14
This phone number belongs to Lisa Bates. Facebook: . Foto:


5628024037 or +15628024037

Admin commented 2018-06-14
Some users have signed this phone number as "Police".


7072969374 or +17072969374

paul commented 2018-06-13
Money scam beware! Black male for money.


8442690353 or +18442690353

Sean commented 2018-06-14
This phone number 844-269-0353, keeps calling. The voice is automated and mentions nothing about who it is from. Threatens a law suit from fraudulent activity.


5617174723 or +15617174723

Rich commented 2018-06-13
It's a scam!!! They are supposed to be an advertising company making a magazine. Looking for people to fill in the pages. But the 4 exclusive clubs they are saying they're with, haven't heard of the company or the magazine. Plus the address is to a bookkeeping company. Don't give them your info.


2084953774 or +12084953774

Ck commented 2018-06-13
Got this number from a guy I met on Tinder. Says his name is Alex and is a Marine Corp serving a contract in California.


9166702412 or +19166702412

annonomous commented 2018-06-13
person called me and said I call them. it was a women's voice. Voice sounded about 20's to 40's in age.


2038074704 or +12038074704

Patrick...Bpt CT commented 2018-06-13
Getting calls and hang ups from this number. But finding no record of the person or business related to the number..anyone have any info?


8772316134 or +18772316134

David commented 2018-06-13
Claimed my Microsoft license had expired, and that nothing on my computer would work. Since I have a Macintosh, I think something here is wrong!


4256891418 or +14256891418

D H commented 2018-06-13
Credit card telemarketing.