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5028300091 or +15028300091

CA commented 2018-06-01
This number has called at least 13 times in the last week. Made the mistake of answering it first time only. Now calls starting at 9 in morning until 7 at night.


7472140210 or +17472140210

Ellen commented 2018-06-01
Mobile phone numbering sourced from INDIA!!!!! SCAM CALL-DON'T ANSWER!!!!! I'VE BLOCKED!


9145626159 or +19145626159

Not telling commented 2018-06-01
Cuz he or she keep texting me n really who wanna answer


3239808981 or +13239808981

Nikki commented 2018-06-01
This # keeps calling me and when I call it back it says disconnected. Annoying!


8443951479 or +18443951479

Laurent commented 2018-06-01
rançon page and ask to call 844-395-1479 to have my computer back.


3605629622 or +13605629622

Ryan commented 2018-06-01
I'm pretty sure this number is a scam


9253262442 or +19253262442

Nelson19 commented 2018-06-01
Getting more calls without response.


2105018043 or +12105018043

Janice Chi commented 2018-06-01
Called me several times this week alone, but I get the background chatter each time. I blocked the number and now I get online calling me (they mention his number, so they are not very good at their job either)


5134404475 or +15134404475

Gotohell commented 2018-06-01
Aetna insurance sales robocall. They call from different numbers every time I block the latest call.


4692230304 or +14692230304

Alma saucedo lopez commented 2018-06-01
Mi esposo marca a este num seguido


4044472467 or +14044472467

Admin commented 2018-06-01
This phone number belongs to Lanre Babatunde Sanusi.


8448074222 or +18448074222

Admin commented 2018-06-01
There are 153 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed this phone number as "Microsoft Scam".


5153297378 or +15153297378

Admin commented 2018-06-01
There are 12 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed this phone number as "Fake Irs".


4044472467 or +14044472467

TJ commented 2018-06-01
I need your urgent response !!!


2539263426 or +12539263426

Ladybennes commented 2018-06-01
Kept getting call from this number repeatedly. Prank calls at 3 am! Rude and annoying


6055781747 or +16055781747

william greco commented 2018-06-01
This person has called my number 3 times today purporting to be from Microsoft Technical Support. He claims that my computer has been infected with a virus and I need to get rid of it. He wants $ 350.00 to assist me and my password for the computer to do it. The name on the caller id is M M Adams, which I am sure is not who is on the phone since he has a foreign Indian accent.


2528881106 or +12528881106

Joseph Allen Cavin commented 2018-05-31
Caller called saying he was from a mortgage company. Is from some kind of scammer. Claimed he was from dark red web and would ruin my credit. Jokes on him, with a zero credit score, there's nothing to ruin.


5187400493 or +15187400493

Martin commented 2018-05-31


2189351341 or +12189351341

Nicole commented 2018-05-31
Someone called me on this number and did not leave a voicemail, bt called twice. Would be nice to be removed from the calling list .


8448074222 or +18448074222

Tom commented 2018-05-31
Virus scam call