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9198922871 or +19198922871

nr commented 2018-05-22
it was used by mr bill robert then suddenly a man who introduce himself as ibrahim was the one using the said line already


3255000814 or +13255000814

Jerry watson commented 2018-05-22
Don't answer this call it's a fake loan company . They took my $1300 from my Wells Fargo bank account . It's a scam . The person who called me it was James white . Don't service the call from 325 500 0814


6054776991 or +16054776991

Kevin Jackson commented 2018-05-22
It shows up on my phone


9734453144 or +19734453144

william mark commented 2018-05-21


7184879105 or +17184879105

Raul commented 2018-05-22
Is this number from someone Agent Rev Augustine david text me or call 1(718)487-9105?


8482518282 or +18482518282

Kenneth commented 2018-05-22
Keep sendin email to call number


7149420744 or +17149420744

Madison commented 2018-05-21
Claimed they were a rep for Gavin Newsom.


3343794981 or +13343794981

Raborne commented 2018-05-21
It's spam. Block it.


6019273309 or +16019273309

josh commented 2018-05-21
called this number after i found it on a note at a bar. she sounded cute


6019302462 or +16019302462

ally commented 2018-05-21
missed a call from the number then i called them back after four minutes and number had been disconnected.


2028838661 or +12028838661

benny commented 2018-05-21
unsolicited call. message was left, could not understand the muffled name and company name


7326246238 or +17326246238

SPAM commented 2018-05-21
SPAM text received about an item on sale, asking t ocontact

6178632675 or +16178632675

Matt Barlow commented 2018-05-21
This guy owes my son 1000. He took his money via Venmo from a fake apartment downpayment and won't pay it back. He pulled his Facebook account and won't return my sons call. The police are close to tracking him and will charge with a felony due to our desire to press charges.


2487750916 or +12487750916

Sandra commented 2018-05-20
I Love You Honey


3142857533 or +13142857533

Ella commented 2018-05-21
Called me and number was familiar


8643215554 or +18643215554

Lamest reese commented 2018-05-20
No comment


5705617367 or +15705617367

Mystery Man commented 2018-05-20
I met this woman through a family and friend group text message they message me and wanted to talk about hooking up. I have her saved as Mystery Woman I'm going to find out who she is through her number.


9406021783 or +19406021783

Krishan commented 2018-05-20
I want to know about him because Im planning to start business with him


3154014632 or +13154014632

ursula Riefel commented 2018-05-20
i have been told the holder of this number is Williams Smith from Dallas Texas.I want to know if it is true or someone are taken his number and the profil on fb


3152741371 or +13152741371

Admin commented 2018-05-19
The given phone number is signed as Mohamed.