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5099310405 or +15099310405

WB commented 2018-05-14
NOt sure if this a Scam number, someone rang and if form McCafee and evetually wanted money to perform an extra service to my brand new supposed infected laptop.


5717079855 or +15717079855

SamuelNega commented 2018-05-14
My name is samuel Nega state from Ethiopia. I want to fax a message in the subscribed number but I coudnt be able to send the message. therefore, Plz inform to me how can I sent my message through my email address


9726380254 or +19726380254

V smythe commented 2018-05-14
This number has been used to stalk and make blackmailing threats

5716183597 or +15716183597

이가걸 commented 2018-05-14
이쁘고 사랑스럽고 미안한 사람......


8508004742 or +18508004742

mmm commented 2018-05-14
today i received one call from this number, who is this?


2106645382 or +12106645382

Admin commented 2018-05-14
Some users have signed this phone number as "5oloud Abo Syam"


6468549716 or +16468549716

AOP Ventures commented 2018-05-14
A Business venture dealing in Agro wholesales and drilling.


3237461939 or +13237461939

Ariane Normon commented 2018-05-14
This phone number is supposed to be Tom Cruise. Allthough this person keeps asking money for a good cause in Nigeria. I would love to believe it, but I have my doubts.


5162680948 or +15162680948

No identificado commented 2018-05-13
Probable extorsión


2106645382 or +12106645382

Rock commented 2018-05-13


3372494322 or +13372494322

Katarina commented 2018-05-13
Wanna know this number belongs to somebody else


8005827150 or +18005827150

Néstor commented 2018-05-13
This phone number is from a tv comercial that sell a. Small refrigerator for to have in the car.


9564101639 or +19564101639

ANNA commented 2018-05-13
This number belongs to someone who is dedicated to impersonating other people's identities. Is a professional swindler who plays with the feelings of the people to get money. Be careful, let's finish with this scourge, if it is calling you....go to the police. This number belongs tto someone who lives in Laredo, Texas. USA


3013295282 or +13013295282

Admin commented 2018-05-13
The given phone number is signed as Mark.


2817967751 or +12817967751

Hoang commented 2018-05-13
I lost this contact with number 0012817967751. I just know that His name is Henry Phan, 1972 of birth year and email is Please tell me if you find out him, I’m Hoang, Vietnamese, tel: 01675791023


3013295282 or +13013295282

Joyce commented 2018-05-13
It’s not a scammer number please


2126953362 or +12126953362

Admin commented 2018-05-12
The given phone number is signed as Schwartznco.


6166068347 or +16166068347

Shara commented 2018-05-12
Telemarketers. Block call.


2126953362 or +12126953362

Kiara commented 2018-05-12
It's a phishing call. Someone was speaking Chinese when you pick up, saying they called from Chinese Ambassy. If you call the number back, after a few ringings, it will generate a sound like calling a tax number.


9099002788 or +19099002788

trixy commented 2018-05-12
this guy is an stalker and a very mean person