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4094029524 or +14094029524

M.Abdullah commented 2018-05-03
Sir i m from Pakistan and i m borrowing online loan from tht person or company ( named by David Morgan and he showed its whatsapp and tel no Tel:+1 951-228-1851 Whatsapp +1 409-402-9524 here on its mail. Actually i don't know about tht person personally but he is agreed to finance me. Sir i want to inquire tht person is actually exist or not. Please help out me in this situation. Mr. Abdullah


9132806626 or +19132806626

JMB commented 2018-05-03
Must be a persistent computer making robo calls.


8774528250 or +18774528250

Tom commented 2018-05-02
Internet scam,locked up my computer left call number to fix


8700003215 or +18700003215

Andrew mexico commented 2018-05-02
recibí una llamada desde este numero sin tener algún conocido en Arkansas


4075421013 or +14075421013

Jennifer commented 2018-05-02
This is a scam number that calls almost everyday! Annoying!


8003493928 or +18003493928

Chaz Daly commented 2018-05-02
I received a letter in the mail without a return address or any info on who delivered it. It says I have a $100 gift card to Walmart, target, ect. Leaving the phone number 1-800-349-3928 to claim the reward. The letter has my first and last name on it which concerns me and they obviously have my address which is another concern. How do I find out more about this random letter?


5627790391 or +15627790391

tom commented 2018-05-02
scam call back… when you return call you are charged insane amount per minute


3602260984 or +13602260984

Woody commented 2018-05-02
This is a caller who calls back to back two-three times a day! I will not answer call! It’s a robo . I give the number a short name in contacts the go to phone in settings push block call from short name in contacts and it’s done! You never hear from that caller again!


7165138652 or +17165138652

Kari commented 2018-05-02
I recieved a vm that there are 4 allegations for tax filings on me and if i dont respind within 24hrs I will be arrested so I called back and was hung up on 6 times. I did a reverse number search and it comes up with some kind of Asian language with hundreds of different phone numbers. I believe this to be a scam. I guess I'll have to wait and see if I'm arrested tomorrow. Haha


2699034072 or +12699034072

Anna from employment commented 2018-05-02
Keeps calling as a recorded line and hanging up mid sentence.


2064801613 or +12064801613

Sick of scammers commented 2018-05-02
Robotic voice asking for a male...when I didn't was prompted to say, 'Well say hello.' When I still didn't respond, it hung up.


9105629862 or +19105629862

Anna commented 2018-05-02
They called, left no message and when I called back it said "hello press two to be removed from the list"


7249613998 or +17249613998

David S. commented 2018-05-02
Had a missed call, but goes to voicemail that has not been setup.


4438730754 or +14438730754

Dine commented 2018-05-02
Hi! I missed a couple of calls from you earlier this afternoon. How may I help you with?


3185833499 or +13185833499

Kylie commented 2018-05-02
Claimed to be the number of JERRY WONG. Works as a MD in ExxonMobile, Texas... Can someone tell me is that true????


9716806861 or +19716806861

Anna commented 2018-05-02
I had a call from this number and had the same experience as Wolfgang.


9734272576 or +19734272576

Nihad Yakob commented 2018-05-02
My friend home


3237479838 or +13237479838

Peter commented 2018-05-02
What the heck. Does anyone know this number. Some one wanting to use Viber to use as means of spam


7135109609 or +17135109609

Susana R commented 2018-05-02
Phone number of a person or group that usurpate identity in facebook


4158674007 or +14158674007

Admin commented 2018-05-02
Yes, this phone number belongs to David Chen.