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2486368669 or +12486368669

Ray Ray commented 2018-04-27
Who's number is it?


2089447269 or +12089447269

12 commented 2018-04-27
some guy that could not speak good English looking for some women, said the conversation was being recorded. Told him there was nobody by that name amd to quit calling me. Sounds like a scammer.


2533000672 or +12533000672

GB commented 2018-04-27
Calls starting in the 7AM hour..then every you after that.. Will not tell you what state they are actually calling from..Just keeps saying General Services...


6143501869 or +16143501869

Mirjam commented 2018-04-27
The Owner pretend to be Eric Rutherford on Tinder, but he is a Scammer!!!!!


8167291528 or +18167291528

H Bronwell commented 2018-04-27
stalker, harrasment,


9738609136 or +19738609136

Admin commented 2018-04-27
Yes, this phone number belongs to Action Fund.


9402808545 or +19402808545

Heather r forguson commented 2018-04-27
She is my SONS MOM. She's moved away with him from Wichita falls tx


8504111462 or +18504111462

Tonya commented 2018-04-27
Call and when you answer no one says anything. When you call the number back it is busy continuously


9738609136 or +19738609136

MG commented 2018-04-27
says from police action fund. they do not call, they send panflets out for donations. SCAM


6786033685 or +16786033685

Jager commented 2018-04-27
Just a search


4077055991 or +14077055991

Andrew Boydston commented 2018-04-26
Telemarketing for "eggshell" cushion. Orlando


6461735190 or +16461735190

Nyb commented 2018-04-26
Called in undetectable Asian dialect.


4157805908 or +14157805908

Riya commented 2018-04-26
I have no idea who this is. Sounds like a recording in chinese.


5132393421 or +15132393421

Pierre-Luc C commented 2018-04-26
This number called me and the guy with a Indian accent on the phone ask to speak with the owner of the computer then he said that he is calling from Microsoft and that my computer was infected. I asked him if he was talking about a Windows OS and he said yes. I told him I had only Linux OS in my computers so he said "oh Linux" then he hanged up !


8015847954 or +18015847954

Cindi commented 2018-04-26
This number has been calling for months. Never anyone on the line when I answer. Call back and it's a recording.... number not in service.


8139674356 or +18139674356

Felipe commented 2018-04-26
Nobody is supposed to call me to my number from this number is brand new and only one person have it.


6612217254 or +16612217254

Ricco M. Radtke commented 2018-04-26
This number sent an SMS to me, but I don't know it.


4075882596 or +14075882596

Chet commented 2018-04-26
This ia a robo call. It says thank you for calling OUR registry department blah blah blah, then it offers 2 choices, 1 to be placed on the donnot call liat and 2 to find out how to contact US. Never says who it is but claims that ove recently requested employment help. You cant press 2. Im gonna pursue it further but i doubt ill get anywhere


3649258714 or +13649258714

Admin commented 2018-04-26
There are 21 complaints about spam on this phone number.


3649258714 or +13649258714

Ashley commented 2018-04-26
This number has called me 3 times in the last 30 minutes saying I qualify for a grant. At first, I thought my phone was disconnecting from the call, but now I think they are hanging up since the calls have lasted 48 seconds and under every time and I have full bars on my cell phone. As I have been typing this, they have called 2 more times.