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7047795874 or +17047795874

Sebastian commented 2018-04-17
This number that has been hijacked by a scammer. They try to get your credit card numbers on the guise that they can get you a lower interest rate on all of your cards. If you call the number you get a recording from a woman named The rise saying that she is not taking listings from real estate agents. I have left several messages to inform here aboit her number being hijacked but she doesnt seem to want to do anything about it or she is a part of the scam.


8772932842 or +18772932842

Leonor commented 2018-04-17
Same thing just happened to me. How did you get your computer up again? Thanks


8889010197 or +18889010197

Your an Idiot commented 2018-04-16
Gave the number to the police... same as above Hire an attorney, warrant for my arrest.


4352150700 or +14352150700

Ashley Hafen commented 2018-04-16
Left a silent voicemail


8443783444 or +18443783444

Chuck commented 2018-04-16
Robo call, sounds like a scammer.


6572308422 or +16572308422

John commented 2018-04-16
Unknown Caller called and did not leave a message.


2513595089 or +12513595089

Tina commented 2018-04-16
This number text me in reference to a vehicle I had for sale on craigslist.They even had the nerve to send a check for it the next day (which was fraudulent).I emailed them back,even text them back,to let them know I took legal action for fraud against me.So beware anyone receiving calls or texts from this number.


3072237994 or +13072237994

Lynett commented 2018-04-16
IT'S SCAM!! Left automated message saying I've commuted irs fraud. Don't bother answering.


8889010197 or +18889010197

Azeem commented 2018-04-16
I also received the call from this number today and person name is Darien Kusler and said same things as above.


8889010197 or +18889010197

CGotto commented 2018-04-16
Said they were from the CRA and conducting an investigation. Left a number to call back immediately. Assuming scam.


7025121640 or +17025121640

Amine commented 2018-04-16
I have brother didn't from him log time ago I want to make sure is that his number


8179017935 or +18179017935

Bob commented 2018-04-16
Claiming to be insurance


8889010197 or +18889010197

Trevor commented 2018-04-16
scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam


8443468654 or +18443468654

hetchbound adhest coy commented 2018-04-16
I got a letter saying I won 100,000 from Hetchbound Adhest Coy. The number was answered by Phil Hillshaw. They were sending my check but I never got it.... duh.


8443843342 or +18443843342

Marsha Tibbetts commented 2018-04-16
I am so tired of these people calling me a threatening me. I we them nothing. I pay my bills and now I have a lawyer involved!


9548706636 or +19548706636

Gcggg commented 2018-04-16
Call nobody answer call back it said the phone is out of service


8889010197 or +18889010197

Luc commented 2018-04-16
I better call back or have my attorney call otherwise he wishes me good luck !


4051678517 or +14051678517

Adil shaharyar commented 2018-04-16
Hii. Mam. I want to u from ur name and location. Becouse I got call from +14051678517 . can u recognized me ur Christina . plz


5307218712 or +15307218712

Paul Anderson commented 2018-04-16


4438730754 or +14438730754

Admin commented 2018-04-16
Some users have signed this phone number as "Next Destination".