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8182084734 or +18182084734

Tim commented 2017-03-01
I'm wondering if this is a Skype call . . .


3083405467 or +13083405467

Whatever commented 2017-03-01
Why this no called me


6176454588 or +16176454588

GD commented 2017-03-01
Trying to get in touch with you?


2535016602 or +12535016602

Craigslist Scammer commented 2017-03-01
This is a craigslist scammer


6193436483 or +16193436483

Seeleejordan commented 2017-03-01
Pakibasa mo abg chat ko at hwag kana mglihim mas gugustuhin ko pa magtapat ka sa akin na sinasaloob mo kesa maglihim mattanngap ko kng mappaliwanag mo ng tapat at ayos mauunawaan pa kita


2027485642 or +12027485642

Spgil commented 2017-03-01
Never left message


7472070903 or +17472070903

Mitch commented 2017-03-01
said he had an offer to discuss with me by email in bad english. very obviously a scammer, beware!


8595928814 or +18595928814

Carrie taylor commented 2017-03-01
I keep relieving text messages from this number... the message just says my name with a link... I don't want to click this link because I've had a lot of phone calls from spammers lately and I'm worried it's a virus


2317602099 or +12317602099

IRENE commented 2017-03-01
Call Tesha. Did you block her?


9045747931 or +19045747931

jaye commented 2017-03-01
who is this


5089242303 or +15089242303

i want the name commented 2017-03-01
i want to know wonwer name of this no


9319312595 or +19319312595

B. Argo commented 2017-03-01
This person said he was Peter Morgan and was extremely rude but insisted that the owner of my company needed to talk to him urgently. I interrupted a meeting to ask the owner if he wanted to speak with this person and he said he did not know the caller and would not accept the call. When I went back to the caller and proceeded to tell him that the owner would not accept the call but I would take a mess..... that is where the caller hung up.


5856135009 or +15856135009

steve commented 2017-03-01
Calls once or twice a day, rings once or twice and doesn't leave a message...


2028625877 or +12028625877

alexander cumming commented 2017-03-01
i am recieving daily calls from here multiple times during the day


9095453680 or +19095453680

Larry commented 2017-03-01
Who is this.


9048494394 or +19048494394

Rishaya commented 2017-03-01
Cantrell? Call me immediately


8135771828 or +18135771828

Me commented 2017-03-01
Who is this


2156785049 or +12156785049

stan commented 2017-03-01
you called me ? I was not on the phone.


6614595337 or +16614595337

Josh commented 2017-03-01
This # is another scammer that i received text messages from an ad i posted on Craigslist. He said he would mail me a cashiers check and have the movers come get the rims i am selling. Immediately stopped after i said i was reporting the #


5165977977 or +15165977977

Josh commented 2017-03-01
This number is a scammer that contacted me off craigslist. "It" negotiated an offer through text, then insisted "it" would send people to pick up items in his absence. "It" would mail a check out to me and i would give the excess to the movers.