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5165977977 or +15165977977

Josh commented 2017-03-01
This number is a scammer that contacted me off craigslist. "It" negotiated an offer through text, then insisted "it" would send people to pick up items in his absence. "It" would mail a check out to me and i would give the excess to the movers.


9148208244 or +19148208244

No sure commented 2017-03-01
This person text me and is lying.


9096822992 or +19096822992

Dalisha commented 2017-03-01
Search information about +19096822992


8652140042 or +18652140042

Nabeel commented 2017-03-01
It's nice to use


3158161324 or +13158161324

Nick commented 2017-03-01
Trying to find out


4243332147 or +14243332147

juan commented 2017-03-01
Who is this


4158515468 or +14158515468

Mustafa Wajid commented 2017-03-01
Hi, i got a missed call from this number last night. My mobile was at home, on charging and I wasn't at home. Sorry! Can i ask who is this?


7324440000 or +17324440000

Srinivas commented 2017-03-01
Received a missed call from this number


9163177291 or +19163177291

Anthony commented 2017-03-01
I meant 916 area code...


9163177291 or +19163177291

Anthony commented 2017-03-01
Got a text re a CL ad I placed. Person says they are in San Diego, but 619 area code is Sacramento?


8033346814 or +18033346814

Tiffany commented 2017-03-01
Number calls numerous of times and say nothing. Getting creepy


4243047956 or +14243047956

bicky commented 2017-03-01
number is true ??


7323957243 or +17323957243

Me me commented 2017-03-01
Called Me saying that they had a job opportunity for me I told the gentleman I was not interested and to have a good day. He called back again and reiterated what he had just said I told him again please stop calling me. With all the scams lately I made sure not to say the word yes or I understand


9086490365 or +19086490365

Amy commented 2017-03-01
I also met him on Tagged and his name is different Chabby Val and I think this is a scammer!PO,BOX 12327 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 101,Los Angeles,CA 90001 +19086490365 -


2249040196 or +12249040196

pepe commented 2017-03-01
Are you a desjardins service client


9073155173 or +19073155173

Tristen DuBey commented 2017-03-01
He's messaging me creeping me out


3154545629 or +13154545629

Jim bob commented 2017-02-28
Who is this


7574146441 or +17574146441

Jamie commented 2017-02-28
Who is this? And why do you keep calling my phone?


3039930167 or +13039930167

Veritas commented 2017-02-28
It looks like a number tgat is multiply spoofed from China and other nasties in otger countries using different Tagalogs of Chinese.


3614891582 or +13614891582

T Ganem commented 2017-02-28
Marketer. Calls all the time. Maybe a robo-call. Selling caskets. Guys a jerk when u call # back.