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2123568100 or +12123568100

Admin commented 2018-04-03
Some users have signed this phone number as "Cir (Legal)".


5637234728 or +15637234728

Daniel commented 2018-04-03
Quiero saber de quién es estés números porque en este número me andan molestando llamando cada rato y nose quien es por favor quiero saber para reportar esa persona gracias por sus ayudas


7075643937 or +17075643937

Pauk commented 2018-04-03
Good day,this is Hodge William i will like to know if your company still I just acquire a property here in the city and i need granite installation done in the kitchen, also did you accept credit card as a method of payment ?


7075643937 or +17075643937

Paul commented 2018-04-03
Keep send text and ask to pay by credit card. Beware


4089161187 or +14089161187

Disgruntled. commented 2018-04-03
This person called me pretending to be Ebay, but they were actually a scammer, and scammed me for $2000. If you see this number, don't trust it, and report to the police immediately.


2123568100 or +12123568100

Frustrated resident commented 2018-04-03
I think this is spam


7203365112 or +17203365112

christie mc athee commented 2018-04-03
call me to my phone and when answred they fall silent


4696648755 or +14696648755

helge commented 2018-04-03
this person using this number is a scammer


6783343157 or +16783343157

Angel commented 2018-04-02
They waited for me to answer then hung up.


5309188863 or +15309188863

GLP commented 2018-04-02
I don't know who this number belongs to, but it was used in fraudulent activity on my CC. The merchant may not have known this, but they need to be more aware.


3375161508 or +13375161508

J. Cagle commented 2018-04-02
These people are SCAMMERS! Threatening us about 4 allegations and to call them back. No one answers back! They are LIARS from HELL! We are going to HUNT THEM DOWN. They are calling the WRONG state for scams.


5755920826 or +15755920826

Will commented 2018-04-02
Scammers phishing for personal financial info. Sends a text to call same number regarding suspicious activity on a First Light card account.


9093755638 or +19093755638

Admin commented 2018-04-02
Some users have signed this phone number as "Loose".


4058127180 or +14058127180

Admin commented 2018-04-02
This phone number belongs to Markus Mullin.


9093755638 or +19093755638

Marjut Laitinen commented 2018-04-02
+19093755638 T want to know who owes this phone number I have name Dino Bastamano


4407464310 or +14407464310

Sam commented 2018-04-02
This phone number is allegedly a contact number of a certain zorex express logistics, who claim to be an international courier, forwarding and freight company. Additional to this, their address, as stated in their info is located as 2214, harley vincent drive, brecksville, ohio, which unfortunately cant be located as per as google maps ability. That is why it comes suspicious to me.


4058127180 or +14058127180

Micheal Benedict commented 2018-04-02
The person called me without giving me his or her name so I want to know the persons name


8557626999 or +18557626999

rahrah commented 2018-04-02
I called this number yesterday, April 1, 2018 because I received a message window stating that my computer alerted Microsoft of a virus . To get rid of the virus call the number immediately. The pop up message window would not go away so I called. I expressed my concern about them being legit. They used remote access GotoAssist to log into my computer. After showing me some files, they claimed my IP Address was hacked. I believe it was a scam. They wanted $199 to fix my computer. I told them I didnt have it. They tried to explain the importance of deleting the virus.


9254376620 or +19254376620

Linvin commented 2018-04-02
Misterious owner number


6193551110 or +16193551110

Nate commented 2018-04-02
Wordfeud spam player