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2253103558 or +12253103558

Lizz commented 2018-03-28
Missed call


7274158600 or +17274158600

Linda commented 2018-03-28
Just called hung up.


7027620484 or +17027620484

Pamela commented 2018-03-28
I do not know why but this number has been trying to call me for the last few months. I have not answered it because it looks similar to my number, and I read on the news that it ia scam. Today the number texted me for the first time saying "Unidentified caller please send me a message." Really creepy. Do not answer or reply is my recommendation.


8006749547 or +18006749547

Chris commented 2018-03-28
CRA Arrest Warrant from 3 different numbers today including this one. Scammers


8124577216 or +18124577216

NonaSue Lynn Haynes-Kessler commented 2018-03-28
Avoid lending her money. She has two wage garnishment as of March of 2018. Also those looking to date or marry her please beware!! She lyes and can’t be trusted


2125189036 or +12125189036

El Principe commented 2018-03-27
Some jerk off by the name of Jose called from this number. Something about feeling lonely and unloved, pathetic.


4078620269 or +14078620269

Edward commented 2018-03-27
Spanish speaking scammers.


4426880000 or +14426880000

BRASIL commented 2018-03-27
55 04796303019 is my number


2084491640 or +12084491640

Unkown commented 2018-03-27
I missed the call and they did not leave a message


2067811524 or +12067811524

Ashlee commented 2018-03-27
Its a spam call


9149499550 or +19149499550

Sherry commented 2018-03-27
Called and left no message.


9404405375 or +19404405375

david stanfield commented 2018-03-27
Whoever is from this number has called multiple time but left no answer. I am on the no call list. How can I make them stop calling?


8564785645 or +18564785645

Cookie commented 2018-03-27
This person keeps calling me that they have my precription ready that I ordered. I never ordered anything. Although I asked them to stop calling they continue to call daily. Even said if u have me on a list take me off. They always hang up the phone on me.


7042315346 or +17042315346

Dick commented 2018-03-27
Leaves no voicemail. Why???


8563365578 or +18563365578

barbara commented 2018-03-27
someone called from this number a total of 6 times on sunday starting at 9:35am and continuing at,9:48am ,9:55am,11:02am,6:33pm,7:20pm


7632607402 or +17632607402

Vital commented 2018-03-27
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4580010326 or +14580010326

Anthony commented 2018-03-27
I did not answer and he or she hanged-up on my french answering message. First time this number call's home.


2532225313 or +12532225313

Admin commented 2018-03-27
This phone number belongs to Danny Volume.


9043469612 or +19043469612

bkh commented 2018-03-27
Recording. Says, number you have reached is not in service. Go figure!


8001110168 or +18001110168

Dan V. commented 2018-03-27
Looks like a scammer calling my mobile number saying the call is from metrobank card.