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6194856390 or +16194856390

jim commented 2018-03-02
this number keeps texting us asking if we still have our rv for sale i dont have a rv


2025514992 or +12025514992

Darryl commented 2018-03-02
Tried calling this number back and no one answers this lead me to believe they are trying to scam someone


3097326052 or +13097326052

Skylar commented 2018-03-02
It’s skylar atwell


7754104122 or +17754104122

James commented 2018-03-02
scam scam scam


4253444849 or +14253444849

Dixi commented 2018-03-02
A recording about how to lower my credit card. Not needed.


6468999071 or +16468999071

Ron commented 2018-03-01
Male Dating Service Spam


3037462477 or +13037462477

Trevor commented 2018-03-01
Caller did not leave voicemail or talk when I answered . I think it is spam.


8771909936 or +18771909936

yvonne commented 2018-03-01
keep calling this number 877 190 9936..for a credit debt.its recording. i dont own a credit.never did.they call every few day.its annoy.tryiny to find who there they dont say.only say someone owes money and going to go in a lawyers hans if not paid..


8669913403 or +18669913403

Anonymous commented 2018-03-01
Number calls multiple times and never leaves a message. My phone shows it is at a very high risk for potential risks like scammers.


2676523114 or +12676523114

Charles commented 2018-03-01
Spammer Scammer


5753852040 or +15753852040

Luis fernando gonzalez rojas commented 2018-03-01
Me llamaron de este numero de telefono +15753852040 que aparentemente pertenece a itrader. Com que es una empresa que ensena a invertir en divisas, acciones, petroleo, oro, etc. Le piden un depodito de 200 dolares, le indican un grafico del comportamiento de mecado, una vez que lo convencen, le indican como invertir. Le muestran a uno determinada ganancia, luego lo llaman y le dicen que esa suma es muy poca para realuzar inversiones, y le piden aumentar el m9nto de la inversion, piden 500 dolares mas y le ensrnan a uno la cuenta que dilo uno la puede manipular, le inducan que este momento esta bueno para comprar acviones sea d3 amazon, de google, etc, una vez convencido, invierte 500 mas y d3jan pasar una srmana sin comunicarse, le dicen que estaban preparando un plan de inversion, y lo quierem vonvencwr de hacer otro deposito de 500 dolares mas. Cuando les fige no estar interesado y que queria mi fineto de vuelta tratan por todos los medios de convencerlo a uno de que el mercado esta bueno , que es el momento de invertir y en fin un cueno largo. Ahora quieto recuperar mi dinero , y saber de finde se me llamo, para ir tras ellos , al pais que sea. Gracias


6122681170 or +16122681170

ASHOK commented 2018-03-01
Getting call from this number for last 10 days claiming to be phone call from IRS


7147331834 or +17147331834

Steve commented 2018-03-01
They sent a text using my name and asking if it was still my number.


8023003183 or +18023003183

Frustrated commented 2018-03-01
No answer when I say hello repeatedly they just hang up. I call back, verizon wireless your call cannot be completed as dialed.


4053363164 or +14053363164

AbdulMohsen commented 2018-03-01
He is blackmailing my sister.


3852753719 or +13852753719

Anton Boyarchuk commented 2018-03-01
Called me and had no answer for a bout a minute. I feel there just scamers.


3524506919 or +13524506919

Admin commented 2018-03-01
There are 2 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed this phone number as "Irs Scam".


8886527356 or +18886527356

Admin commented 2018-03-01
Some users have signed this phone number as "Federal Government".


2089560581 or +12089560581

Admin commented 2018-03-01
Some users have signed this phone number as "Police Scare Scam".


8087622737 or +18087622737

sonia commented 2018-03-01
Just want know who gave me a call. Thanks