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8662172065 or +18662172065

Person commented 2018-02-18
I got a weird text message from this number saying "Messages direct you to call [another unknown number here] -- DO NOT REPLY"


4698317530 or +14698317530

MiMI commented 2018-02-18
I like to know who"phone number


5712230372 or +15712230372

Zac commented 2018-02-18
Becca was and always will be the love of my life I was foolish to lose my family.


6312680453 or +16312680453

Unknown commented 2018-02-17
A miss call me that I called back by they hang up when I call.


9093458767 or +19093458767

Irritated Person commented 2018-02-17
Unsolicited call to my cellphone. I did not answer, no message left. Blocked.


8327911218 or +18327911218

Mary commented 2018-02-17
HE calls himself Roger George is a aggressive scammer says he wanted a relationship but just wanted money in the end as always. He got verbally aggressive as I denied. He says he is 60 but sounds much younger and not really american. Be careful women. He starts very charming but then comes the thick end....


9415800140 or +19415800140

Admin commented 2018-02-17
The owner of this phone number is Sandor Noszaly.


9415800140 or +19415800140

Gabriell Lame commented 2018-02-17
Hello. He's been calling me for two days, but I'm European so it's an expensive call for me. If you are not cheating and important, please send sms to me.


5713294522 or +15713294522

Admin commented 2018-02-17
The owner of this phone number is Tariq Jbarah.


9849749455 or +19849749455

Freelancer SEO services in Hyderabad commented 2018-02-17
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5713294522 or +15713294522

Elena commented 2018-02-17
Hello, everyone. I am looking for owner of this number. He is name is Erik. If someone knows him, please contact me by email Thank you.


8006517396 or +18006517396

Fred commented 2018-02-17
This number is a fraudster


3158978370 or +13158978370

umesh commented 2018-02-17
give me details of this number..


7273944162 or +17273944162

Mike Saremy commented 2018-02-17
I got a call from this number claiming to be from IRS, and threatening to take legal action against me if I don’t call back within 24 hours. This was done without mentioning my name and the reason. And I tried to call back, no one answered and there is no voicemail.


7172592012 or +17172592012

Aaron Berkaiwitz commented 2018-02-17
It was female said something about a job told her I am retired and hung up. It


7273747661 or +17273747661

Liz Figueroa commented 2018-02-17
+17273747661 this number calls all time and when pi k up no response.


5203074083 or +15203074083

Anthony craig commented 2018-02-17
The number called me when I answered they hung up. I called back and there was a busy tone. I called back 3 times with the same results.


7184846244 or +17184846244

betty commented 2018-02-17
I have received many calls from this number with no message left and no answer when I answer the call. It comes up as DFKING.


2347140000 or +12347140000

armaan commented 2018-02-17
best number


8009214609 or +18009214609

Admin commented 2018-02-17
The owner of this phone number is Agreements.