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7085606331 or +17085606331

Admin commented 2018-02-14
Yes, this phone number belongs to Jake.


8599427384 or +18599427384

WMW commented 2018-02-14
Called my cell phone today. Short ring. Left no message. Suspect Spam call.


8445377626 or +18445377626

shan commented 2018-02-14
received text message saying a friend nominated me. unsure if scam or not.


6267809880 or +16267809880

MOD commented 2018-02-14
This person has been calling severaltimes and ive asked to stop calling but keeps being consistent.


2153728659 or +12153728659

JC commented 2018-02-14
If you have an account Balance you need to have it paid by Friday February the 16th. All outstanding balances will be taken to court and incurr additional fees... This was the message that was sent from this number. I have no due balance. I do not live in Pennsylvania. Has anybody ever recieved a message from this number??


4256635234 or +14256635234

Tarek commented 2018-02-14
Suspicious contact


8332991396 or +18332991396

Kara commented 2018-02-14
Automated call said my U.S. Bank account card number has been locked. I then hung up and called U.S. Banks and my account is not locked and all purchases are current and familiar.


4433187237 or +14433187237

anonymous commented 2018-02-14
scam number


9045142711 or +19045142711

Lauren commented 2018-02-14
This number called me, but I didn't answer the phone they didn't leave a message


7733547598 or +17733547598

Carlos Solorzano commented 2018-02-13
Fishy number offering credit card services, this phone number is a scam.


8006743365 or +18006743365

Matt commented 2018-02-13
“Canada Revenue Agency” scam. I received 2 recorded calls/voicemails from them “regarding enforcement action against me by the treasury board” lol. CRA generally communicates by mail, not by phone.


3128745698 or +13128745698

buttons commented 2018-02-13
Text message My e-transfer is ready, let me just give you all of my banking info. Do you want my social security number as well?


7085606331 or +17085606331

Anthony Natoli commented 2018-02-13
#JAKEPAULFORLIFE #JAKEPAULERFORLIFE Love the videos Jake P.S. Change your number even though you already probably have xD - Anthony Natoli


2032971614 or +12032971614

JB commented 2018-02-13
scam caller, no VM left....just garble


2182641426 or +12182641426

Robinson Wallet commented 2018-02-13
I want to know is is tha same person


5612726634 or +15612726634

Sean commented 2018-02-13
Credit card low interest.


8442131169 or +18442131169

Carolyn steele commented 2018-02-13
This number calls here quite often and we refuse to answer this number and others if you can not show name of caller quit calling here


2532571059 or +12532571059

Daura commented 2018-02-13
This number text me for buy my an old coin... so i guess its a scammer. He said tht have a licence for collector


8595758602 or +18595758602

shawn pendergrass commented 2018-02-13
I received a call from 1-859-575-8602 stating that I have a lawsuit that was filed against me by the IRS.


9175805691 or +19175805691

Helen commented 2018-02-13
This phone number is used by a person who has many profiles on different sites and whose ones are full of stolen pics of known of man pics are Paul Gregory Richard who works in Paul Richard Keller Williams ...So please be careful talking with this person who has stolen not only photos .