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3473497619 or +13473497619

Joye commented 2018-02-01
he's a crook! He asks for money. He says he is an Orhtopedic surgeon sent by the UN to Yemen. He is asking for money to leave Yemen! He asked me for 850 € !!! He says his name is Anthony Richardson. it must not be his real name


2134187082 or +12134187082

anonymous commented 2018-02-01
calls randomly. if not answered, another random number will call


3864516356 or +13864516356

Admin commented 2018-02-01
Some users have signed this phone number as "Amwnavy".


8025001753 or +18025001753

Ghk commented 2018-02-01
Called and left no voice mail


8443802942 or +18443802942

Mary Bess commented 2018-02-01
I ordered the "free trial" bottle is not free at all. You have to cancel the order within 14 days from the date you ask from shipment. I ask for my money back, after several calls finally agreed to refund my money. Too bad that was in Aug. 2017. Still waiting for that refund check in the mail. When I call they say they confirmed check was mailed and to give it another 15 days. This is not right I want my money that was wrongfully taken out of my account.


8156360000 or +18156360000

don commented 2018-02-01
automated insurance sales call


8889887883 or +18889887883

Anonymous commented 2018-01-31
Creepy lady talks about a tantalising night with her sexy girlfriend s


3864516356 or +13864516356

Vince colucci commented 2018-01-31
Called early afternoon a comuter generated hang up


8032915849 or +18032915849

S. Thomas commented 2018-01-31
Spam text about an etransfer


2034089390 or +12034089390

S. Thomas commented 2018-01-31
Spam number. Received a message to text back a reply of stop regarding a totally different spam a transfer text.


6467041630 or +16467041630

Emi commented 2018-01-31
Its. Still calling me about a coverage debt that i dont have


3172412660 or +13172412660

A business commented 2018-01-31
Could be a job


6156553530 or +16156553530

123 commented 2018-01-31
Kyle Fisher


5617022674 or +15617022674

Nanny commented 2018-01-31
Very good.


5678330716 or +15678330716

Pooh commented 2018-01-31
Missed call no id or message left! Dont answer or call back on unknown numbers or ppl


7162601307 or +17162601307

Paul Krafchak commented 2018-01-31
Constant harrasment at all hours!!!!


5674595323 or +15674595323

Foxx commented 2018-01-31
Extended Warranty for My Vehicle? --Scam--


7275998326 or +17275998326

Douglas Bartton commented 2018-01-31
Travel SCAM call, report them if possible to the local police.


7189347136 or +17189347136

David commented 2018-01-31
Called and hung up.


9738767866 or +19738767866

Gwen W. commented 2018-01-31
American Solar salesperson. VERY PUSHY.