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6469059371 or +16469059371

Sam commented 2018-01-23
I need the address for this person


4698758776 or +14698758776

UNK commented 2018-01-23
I received a call from +14698758776. It was an automated female voice claiming to be from a home security organization. She asked me if I could hear her and immediately realized it was a scam. I placed my phone on mute rather than hanging up. The automated voice asked me several times if I could hear her; then very disturbingly, an automated male voice said "hahaha, yes" several times. The line then cut out. Do not respond in any way to this number!!! ( this scam tries to get you to say "yes" in order for them to record your voice and use it to authorize payments)


8881369433 or +18881369433

Sylvain imbeault commented 2018-01-23
Sa sonne 2 coup et sa la arrĂȘter


4704810778 or +14704810778

Bill commented 2018-01-23
This number is from an IRS scam claiming that you have cases against you and if you do not return call given by this number " the cops " will come to your house to deal with this matter.


6198086144 or +16198086144

Alex Cates commented 2018-01-23
A robocall stating that because I recently stayed at one of their resort. At that point I hung up because I haven't stayed at a resort in the last 15 years.


5125217444 or +15125217444

Uwe Niemann commented 2018-01-22
Number was used as contact number for scamming!


8338995888 or +18338995888

S Daudel commented 2018-01-22
Suspected hacking activity from tbhis number - claiming to be Microsoft technicians


9543431236 or +19543431236

Dr Wood commented 2018-01-22
This phone number and some associated with this number have been guilty of infringement on my person phone that is use by myself to keep me in contact with my patients and emergency hospitals. They will not stop calling. Spam Spam spam


2105799863 or +12105799863

Frank commented 2018-01-22
Prank caller, calls rings three times then they hang up


8882745457 or +18882745457

robert commented 2018-01-22
computer generated finding if number gets answered then harrasse you for next 20 years!!!!


9493108977 or +19493108977

Irritated commented 2018-01-22
This number keeps calling me and no one answers


2312517391 or +12312517391

Tom commented 2018-01-22
Calls, When I answer; silence. And they call several times a week. Same thing.


4058657287 or +14058657287

LaDonna.A.Marcel-Hillier commented 2018-01-22
This number keeps calling me getting on my nerves big time every time I call it BK it says off line and hangs up +14058657287 if anyone knows who this is please let me know . Tyvm and have a awesomely blessed day .


6467129647 or +16467129647

Ken commented 2018-01-22
One of a very long list of robocallers.


9513803947 or +19513803947

liling mabpan commented 2018-01-22
you could contact me @my fb account calla lily


4437840502 or +14437840502

PKB commented 2018-01-22
It is 2018 and the phone companies cannot track and press charges on these people who call and spam me? What are they doing with all that money they get every month from phone subscribers?? Definately not solving this problem every has.


8556906968 or +18556906968

Ed commented 2018-01-22
Robo Scam with automated robot voice threatening you to call back or face the legal consequences


6264230507 or +16264230507

no name commented 2018-01-22
miss calls me here in the Philippines


8082234436 or +18082234436

Sj commented 2018-01-22
Just want to ask why he/she calling and i also want know him/her.. Thank you


9727503387 or +19727503387

Peggy commented 2018-01-22
He contacted me via Facebook and gave me this number for hangouts and other reasons to call him back. He is a scammer wanting money all time. He says he is a drilling engineer and widowed being left with one son.