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7745358196 or +17745358196

Worried student commented 2018-01-09
This is a loan scam this is not the government or NGO it is a million dollar scam please help get rid of these guys


4042199934 or +14042199934

Khyati Patel commented 2018-01-09
Georgia Atlanta


9738412995 or +19738412995

Lindsay Trott commented 2018-01-09
Claim there is a lawsuit against whoever they call cause that person tried to scam the irs


9253877338 or +19253877338

josteper commented 2018-01-09
Received a call from this number. When I tried calling back it said that it isn't a working number.


8058877442 or +18058877442

Raye mccain commented 2018-01-09
This number was on my latest phone bill received for $1.53. I have no clue abou5 5his n7mber.


3614296981 or +13614296981

Charissa Strijdonck commented 2018-01-08
Illegal immigrant


6303940662 or +16303940662

Bobbi commented 2018-01-08
This number impersonated my boss and texted me to ask when I was coming in to work, very sketchy. Vancouver, BC


2707130035 or +12707130035

Teresa commented 2018-01-08
This number called me, when I answered a Machine came on with a bleep then some lady answered was talking jibber I couldn’t understand her so I hung up


9792560025 or +19792560025

Jay commented 2018-01-08
Called 7 times, must be a scammer or hacker


5082605678 or +15082605678

JC commented 2018-01-08
Number keeps calling, never leaves a message


6191453341 or +16191453341

Sandy Bennett commented 2018-01-08
A call without a voice mail- when calling back the phone hangs up.


7407809899 or +17407809899

Brittney commented 2018-01-08
This number call a my phone and when I call back I get a busy signal.


6467324020 or +16467324020

Jasurbek Glabov commented 2018-01-08
Hello! I have sent me SMS Plz login to telegram


5633797510 or +15633797510

Admin commented 2018-01-07
Indeed, the phone number belongs to Bosmanova Verka.


8053562104 or +18053562104

Admin commented 2018-01-07
The owner of this phone number is Sarah.


8159056117 or +18159056117

Aniya commented 2018-01-07
aaliyah is being bad and she got that trouble game and you said not to get that game and she went in the kitchen and got the game that u put on the table and she went in there and grabbed it off the table and came to the room.


8053562104 or +18053562104

raja humair commented 2018-01-07
This number is imao and blaickmail pepople please block it check out history +18053562104


8556740194 or +18556740194

Sheila Hilton commented 2018-01-07
The number supposedly belongs to the world wildlife fund. Commercial on the tv. Check it out before you give if you see the commercial.


9708174700 or +19708174700

Maria commented 2018-01-07
Received text early morning number was not in phone asked who it is did not receive text back


5633797510 or +15633797510

Vera Bosman commented 2018-01-07
Ahoj tati, prosim ozvi se mi . tel na mě je +420777945785. Ráda bych tě viděla. Tvoje dcera Věra.