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7725869222 or +17725869222

Sheri commented 2018-01-03
I keep getting a call from this number telling me there is something wrong with my home mortgage. I am a renter. They even know my home address. This is somewhat questionable and scary.


9547246293 or +19547246293

Tamz commented 2018-01-03
Someone keeps calling from this number


9545540692 or +19545540692

Blao commented 2018-01-03
This number spams my private line. I believe it is used for a scam.


8009953072 or +18009953072

Kaylan Martinez commented 2018-01-02
Got a card in the mail telling me to claim my $100 gift card. I called and they asked me to give them a visa/MasterCard to pay the $4.95 shipping charge. When I told the man I was uncomfortable leaving my card info over the phone and I’d prefer to use PayPal online he got angry and told me to never call back again. Seems like a scam and all they want is your bank info!


4805710113 or +14805710113

J.P Warden commented 2018-01-02
Foreigner...hard to understand when wife ask if she could take a message for me they hung up. Know they understood because our phone was on speaker.


4843985543 or +14843985543

Jimmy Ndem commented 2018-01-02
I live in Nigeria and got a call from this number. Please I want to know who owns it. He talked about a business proposal I'm not familiar with.


8668795757 or +18668795757

JOSEPH DAY commented 2018-01-02
A company that claims they are calling from Microsoft. They tell you that you have a virus in your computer and try to scam you. BE WARE THIS IS A SCAM COMPANY..DO NOT INYERTAIN THEIR CONVERSATION AS THEY ARE NOT MICROSOFT.


3607218025 or +13607218025

Todd miller commented 2018-01-02
Number called me 3x once an hour no clue who it is they knew me though


5207294342 or +15207294342

PRH commented 2018-01-02
Came as text from Uber containing a "security code".


8184274016 or +18184274016

Joven Noda commented 2018-01-02
why did you texted me to check my messenger?


6609513759 or +16609513759

Rami Saleh commented 2018-01-02
This number is calling me and leaving some nasty voice messages on my WhatsApp and he is been doing it on regular basis or almost daily, I need some information about the caller or the owner of this number


9842017679 or +19842017679

Viola commented 2018-01-01
# offerz $300 loan, been scam previously by loan company


7023513680 or +17023513680

Phill commented 2018-01-01
Received multiple calls in quick succession from this number. I'm an Alberta, Canada resident and don't know anyone in Nevada, Spam call.


9568844276 or +19568844276

Greg commented 2017-12-31
Scammer asking for a thousand dollars, then will send check for over 200 thousand. Stupid and probably rich by now, and needs to be stopped. He gets his names from hacking facebook pages.


7855720505 or +17855720505

Abu huthaify commented 2017-12-31
Waan ku salaamay saaxib


7758082948 or +17758082948

Anne commented 2017-12-31
This number is spam. I am in DK and Got at least 10 incoming Call on this number. Be Aware!


4146874569 or +14146874569

Admin commented 2017-12-31
The owner of this phone number is Tschuldt.


4146874569 or +14146874569

C D commented 2017-12-31
I called my house today and this number showed up as my number.


8303133061 or +18303133061

Ollin Rodríguez commented 2017-12-31
Me interesan sus productos


2145580819 or +12145580819

Archer commented 2017-12-31
Private phone number of a real person, not a scammer.