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7038606694 or +17038606694

Admin commented 2017-12-15
The owner of this phone number is Nick Frohling. There are 1 complaints about spam on this phone number.


2035201225 or +12035201225

Patricia commented 2017-12-14
Odd phone call, Called twice back to back. No one was speaking, just a tone like a fax. Thinking that it may be a fax I sent one to that #. The fax failed. Not sure who they were or what they wanted.


3202286534 or +13202286534

Buraphol Phutaladkham commented 2017-12-14
They took my money


4178800759 or +14178800759

Eric Coenen commented 2017-12-14
I got a call from this number but didn't answer : my voicemail toke over. Although debet of 3 Euro from my bill while I haven't dialed this number. My provider is informed and starts looking for fraude.


7038606694 or +17038606694

Blank call commented 2017-12-14
Blank call


4152457237 or +14152457237

Alex commented 2017-12-14
Someone from that number called aprox at 1 AM, when managed to pick up they stood silent.


7028618098 or +17028618098

Devin N commented 2017-12-14
They woke me up... Spam them


9167503983 or +19167503983

Aenny commented 2017-12-14
thinking scam Catfish


9493713646 or +19493713646

Cj commented 2017-12-14
Love the convenience


2016441861 or +12016441861

Mark B commented 2017-12-14
text message: "specifically, how are u now?" I called the number, auto-answer said: "please contact your service representative, please contact your service representative" then disconnected. I answered the text saying "I am quite well right now. Thank you. Who are you?"


6144124918 or +16144124918

Lp commented 2017-12-14
Unfortunately I answered the call and it was a bot telling me that I won something. I immediately hung up.


9788016082 or +19788016082

Cat commented 2017-12-14
Its a scam number. I called back and it had some wonky music with a guy saying "number one hit station". Its those scam numbers.


5413638731 or +15413638731

Anonymous commented 2017-12-13
Person text my business number. Acted like they need service for almost 7 hours then asked me to pay another vendor for them if they issue me the money. Gave a Milwaukee, WI home address for where services would have been rendered. Reportred all information to 3 State Police Departments.


5017220153 or +15017220153

C stuckey commented 2017-12-13
Every time it calls my phone I start having strang stuff happen


2026575811 or +12026575811

Mrs. Styles commented 2017-12-13
A call came in from this number this morning. It was an automated female voice informing me that it was the IRS and that they had a lawsuit filed against us.


2137698720 or +12137698720

Leah commented 2017-12-13
This is the number of a man named kelvin eveland. Or at least that's what he told me. I'm praying he isn't a scam artist


9317245360 or +19317245360

Roy commented 2017-12-12
Jane Ferguson is my friend. I could not contact her for the past 3years and I am worried about her. Please help me to know how she is. Thank you for your help. Roy


8182108958 or +18182108958

H.g commented 2017-12-12
This no call me and bothering me i am sure the name of person is Vahik Yousefyan. Lived in Glendale.


8165298716 or +18165298716

Jf commented 2017-12-11
Called my business did not leave a message. I have heard that scammers will spoof numbers that are similar to your own in hopes you will think it is safe to answer. I don't answer if I don't know who's calling.


6783488086 or +16783488086

E.Tillman commented 2017-12-11
I think this number is link with stolen items and scam.