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6238062310 or +16238062310

Admin commented 2017-11-17
This phone number belongs to Zuhair Aldulaimi. (ينتمي هذا الهاتف إلى زهير الدليمي.)


6238062310 or +16238062310

معد الدليمي commented 2017-11-17
تحياتي الك ابو روان ليش مترد على المكالمات


3158880607 or +13158880607

Admin commented 2017-11-17
20 people reported this as spam number


5708559911 or +15708559911

Admin commented 2017-11-17
There are 114 complaints about spam on this phone number.


8307343663 or +18307343663

Admin commented 2017-11-17
This phone number belongs to Jesus Martinez from Del Rio, TX. Faceboock profile:


8592131980 or +18592131980

Jeff commented 2017-11-17
He was my boyfriend


5137269503 or +15137269503

annon commented 2017-11-17
The person is scamming people over craigslist.


5053249488 or +15053249488

Maria commented 2017-11-17
Calls 10x a day. If you call back it says this number is disconnected. Creepy...


5153485187 or +15153485187

Leigh commented 2017-11-16
This number called and I heard nothing but a high pitched beep and then they hung up only to call again.


3055588847 or +13055588847

Leigh commented 2017-11-16
This number keeps calling my mom’s phone and when she answers all she hears is a beep and same thing when she calls back. This number also calls various times throughout the day.


6573624000 or +16573624000

Manuel commented 2017-11-16
This number has been calling stating they are IRS collector I ask for name and they won't provide


5708559911 or +15708559911

Genell commented 2017-11-16
Spam. Telemarketers.9


6092714364 or +16092714364

Yo me commented 2017-11-16
I just got a call from +1-609-271-4364 I said hello , an auto voice said thank you for Choosing the Hilton at that point I hung up and blocked the number.


4781466025 or +14781466025

"Name unavailable" commented 2017-11-16
Spam number to bypass call block of private numbers. The caller registers VoIP number and instead of listing the number as private, they simply enter "Name unavailable" so the receiver's system won't block them as a true Private number. Pretty smart really. They're targeting senior citizens for scams. They'll change numbers every week or so.


8307343663 or +18307343663

Dani commented 2017-11-16
Called me 11/16/17 claiming to be Jerry from the CA State Dept of Health and Human services. I said "your number is registered as Texas" and he hung up.


5414840735 or +15414840735

brett wilson commented 2017-11-16
Robo dialer calls every day from a different callid...assume callid is being spoofed. Changes every day. People wonder why I don't answer my phone...


4848346128 or +14848346128

Раушан commented 2017-11-16
Я думаю что этим номером пользуются мошенники прикрываясь именем адмирала английского вмф


2052051478 or +12052051478

Christine commented 2017-11-16
This is a spam advertising site


6193885715 or +16193885715

Admin commented 2017-11-16
This phone number belongs to Ebony Tyree from La mesa, CA.


4473799403 or +14473799403

Chris commented 2017-11-16
Phone call from this number looking for people to online trading could be a scam not sure.