Forum to exchange information about phone numbers in the US


8504547854 or +18504547854

RAHUL SETH commented 2017-10-29
Hello Your number has been given to me What can I do for you


9037227748 or +19037227748

Becky commented 2017-10-29
Missed call, called back indicates number disconnected or no longer in service


5712777930 or +15712777930

Bukola commented 2017-10-28
This number has called a couple of times and i missed the calls. Whenever i call back, the call is forwarded to an answering machine dat didnt diclose the identity of the owner of the number.


3053201121 or +13053201121

Deisy Orozco commented 2017-10-28
Please i need e-mail


5708076002 or +15708076002

Larry doswell commented 2017-10-28
I want to know if its a free number


5183120853 or +15183120853

Someone commented 2017-10-28
This person facetimes me every day but i don't know this person i sad it to him but he keeps going on


9179808066 or +19179808066

Hector commented 2017-10-28
Quien es Usted ?


4044682490 or +14044682490

Clair commented 2017-10-28
I want to know how the number belongs to and we're are they?


4044682491 or +14044682491

Clair commented 2017-10-28
Want to know who The number belongs to


2676524115 or +12676524115

janoo commented 2017-10-28
who you are


5159812202 or +15159812202

Amy commented 2017-10-28
received text from this number


2676576856 or +12676576856

Lussy commented 2017-10-28
I got a misscall from this number. I am not ging to call back. It's an USA number but I live in the UK.. It is strange... Hoping it is not scamm..


3364676324 or +13364676324

Guy commented 2017-10-28
Randomly called, i didnt answer


2676659603 or +12676659603

Jan commented 2017-10-27
A fugitive from the law keeps calling me from it.


7204168658 or +17204168658

Au commented 2017-10-27
They say that I have stayed in some hotel and qualify for a free night....I have not stayed in a hotel for years!


9789550819 or +19789550819

Idk commented 2017-10-27
I don't know who is texting me that's why I looked it up


7472343387 or +17472343387

Teri commented 2017-10-27
I do not know who this is and I am so tired of them calling and never leaving a message. I cannot answer my phone while at work people.


6469883711 or +16469883711

Concerned commented 2017-10-27
Im being harassed by a guy name Scott Price with this number!!!! I want it to stop please!


7144080325 or +17144080325

Admin commented 2017-10-27
This phone number belongs to Dan V from Fountain Valley, California. E-mail:


6469680985 or +16469680985

jane commented 2017-10-27
i cannot call back to this number. i got a call from this number and he said he's related to USALWS