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8477081744 or +18477081744 commented 2017-09-27
Hey ashley , I couldn't get your name on facebook I amwish trying to call you by phone number , but it doesnt work My facebook is , fured abridel ka


3152409783 or +13152409783

Lynn commented 2017-09-27
Kevin casey is the father of my unborn child


6519645153 or +16519645153

Jack commented 2017-09-27
Do not prank call this guy... Turns out he's a police sergeant with the St Paul police... Didn't go well for me...


3529490649 or +13529490649

Laura commented 2017-09-27
Leaving no message. Scam call


2515082201 or +12515082201

annoying caller commented 2017-09-27
annoying keeps calling and leaving no messages. happens on a weekly basis.


2075369206 or +12075369206

LE commented 2017-09-26
They call about twice a day between 4 and 5 pm. Robo call, I answer, nobody there, I hang up.


5098458368 or +15098458368

Eddy commented 2017-09-26
Received message saying it’s from IRS when I tried call back number not exists it’s a scam


6313415267 or +16313415267

Albuon commented 2017-09-26
From this number someone is trying to get money in ilegal way. Pretending that is someone else.


2397780002 or +12397780002

Beverly commented 2017-09-26
I think this is a phone number setup to find out your personal details, for nefarious reasons


4062574333 or +14062574333

No name commented 2017-09-26
Scam... Kalispell # but says Billings. Verizon wireless message after u call back says numbers changed.


4066511937 or +14066511937

No name commented 2017-09-26
Leaves no vm. And when you call back give a Verizon wireless message saying the numbers been changed. So... Spam!!!


2103469375 or +12103469375

Admin commented 2017-09-26
There are 25 complaints about spam on this phone number.


2027879526 or +12027879526

Admin commented 2017-09-26
There are 17 complaints about spam on this phone number.


6469929475 or +16469929475

Admin commented 2017-09-26
There are 12 complaints about spam on this phone number.


6469929475 or +16469929475

Lisa G commented 2017-09-26
Although this phone number looks as if it were a mobile phone, it is actually a landline. Very suspicious and I wouldn't answer - BLOCKED!!


3317969514 or +13317969514

Ali commented 2017-09-26
Ils nous contacte pour des conneries Cela devrait être interdit Bravo à l'équipe


2512594378 or +12512594378

Ma. Aurora francisco commented 2017-09-26
I was only checking who is the real owner of this number.. I would love and grateful if you could help me track the real owner of this number.. Thanks


4422578114 or +14422578114

Chris commented 2017-09-26
Fiance won't answer me


4062499299 or +14062499299

Allison Rocc commented 2017-09-26
This is my number. The REAL Allison Konefal!


9166131714 or +19166131714

Bella commented 2017-09-26
My phone rang. When I answered it was voice asking me if I can hear her ok. And than voice message started to tell me about some fake things. It's a scam! They want u to say Yes and than use your voice answer as you wanted to purchase something. Be aware! Do not answer YES